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Here are the results:. This is the top ten list for print book categories paperbacks and hardcovers on Amazon. The number in brackets is the average Amazon ranking of the top five books in each category. Does that mean you should publish your memoir? I was curious to see if the best sellers list was the same for print books and eBooks. This top ten list is for eBook categories on Amazon.

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The other notable difference is the average ranking across the board of the top five books in each category for Kindle compared with the top five print books. Print books rank much higher overall than their eBook counterparts. Why is this? I scratched my head for a moment and then inspiration struck. I took a quick look at the overall Amazon Kindle Best Seller list and it hit me: only six out of the top eBooks on Amazon are non-fiction.

How to Write a Kindle Book in 20 Minutes

The other 94 books are fiction titles. This compares with 36 non-fiction books out of best sellers in print books. It seems that most of us prefer their non-fiction books in print over the eBook format. Perhaps these readers seem to like the low cost and discreet convenience of reading steamy stories and thrillers on their mobile devices. Geoff Affleck is a 5-time 1 bestselling author and creator and facilitator for the eBook Bestseller Bootcamp for aspiring self-help authors. Geoff, nice piece!

This is intriguing and your analysis seems right to me. Your conclusions re female ebook buyers is sound. My work in non-fiction hits self-help, parenting and relationships and education and teaching and my approach to self-development is differentiated and solid that it focuses on self-knowledge, the core of self-development, so I should be able to get some traction. I have just started publishing fiction with a lead generator of a short story.

I have a novella and novel finished and in the pipeline once I get a respectable number of subscribers.

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I have on my NF list and in ten days with some promotion on the fiction list. Not going to scare anybody! I do not have any physical, or audio versions of the books yet but they are coming. This is great! It always helps to have specific steps on the way to a goal. Writing in chunks is nothing new to me, as that is how I deal with writing lessons and teacher helps for my Vacation Bible School programs: study, study, study, and then I sit down and write, write, write—huge amounts at a time.

This is great timing for me. Even with taking a weekly Sabbath, and allowing for a break on Thanksgiving, I should have a quality ebook ready to go before December 1st! Now mix in some real life and prayer; and it should be an interesting and exciting journey! Any thoughts on how to make that decision? By the way, I have been reading a lot on your site lately, and have found it very helpful and well-written. Thank you for all the great tips! Do you see it as part of your business, or part of your ministry?

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Charging a few dollars could help people to value it and actually use it — on the other hand, providing it for free would be a good incentive for folks to share it, come to your website, etc. Thanks for the input, Ali. I do already have a whole lot of free material on my blog, and I plan on much more to come; but the ebook will be a helpful tool for sharing information with those who really want to go deeper.

And like Ruth, I am having a hard time pin-pointing a topic. But I really like how your post has broken it down and made it manageable to do. Like eating an elephant! Thank you!!

Thanks Jodie! You make some really great points here. Particularly the 30 minute time limit. It really does work. I do not have a problem in writing an ebook in 30 days. But I do have a problem marketing me ebooks.

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Thanks for the information. This is very helpful as I will be writing an e-book in the near future. I love, love, LOVE this! Half the battle writers face is visualizing HOW to get a book from head to paper, and your step-by-step plan is great. Earlier this year I ghost-wrote a book for a client in 23 days; each day I posted tips on how I did it:. Thanks Diana!

Thanks for breaking down the process. You really simplified creating an Ebook on a step by step level. I was trying to figure out the best way to tackle everything and your outline makes perfect sense!!

At a Glance: eBook Writing

Thanks a million for it! My book will be out next month in both digital formats and print. I cannot wait. Tying up all of the loose ends these past couple of months prior to launch has been pretty miserable. The only point I would add to this post is to have someone else read your work and give feedback.

The Top 10 Non-Fiction Categories on Amazon in Print Books

Someone with fresh eyes who will be brutally honest. In fact, I had several people read and give feedback and a lot of it was very valuable to the end product. Keep up the great work. Congrats on the book, Jennifer! Great idea. Great minds think alike! Writing 1, words per days for 2 months 60days produces 90, words: a proud length.

A plan, if not a plot, just a good story as Stephen King might say helps you get those 1, written every day. Once you start, it actually gets easier as you go along. Momentum seems to keeps the Block down. Ignore the banging on the cupdoor and pleas to be let loose. You can write all 60 days of them later — unless to have software that writes while you speak. That is a good thing. A democracy in action. As ever the point made by Ali Luke to write what readers want to read is a good one.

Depending on your topic area, a paper book could well be a fantastic addition. Great job on making the writing process more accessible by putting it on a timeline. People often ask me how they can improve their own skills. My favorite trick to help with this is to suggest they actually take a printout of the document away from their normal writing environment and then read it out loud. Not to mention a good reason to stop for a minute, make a great cup of coffee or tea, and spend a few minutes simply enjoying the process of writing and creating!

Amen to that Lauren — back in the early 90s I met an editor from Simon and Schuster. This was the early days of word processors being used — and she said she could read a manuscript and tell immediately if it had been edited on a computer screen or it had been printed out.

100 Questions to Help You Write, Publish, and Sell Your Ebook

So can double-spacing the lines — it creates more white space around the words, making it easy to focus on each individual one. Thanks for the detailed guidance for making an eBook happen in a month! Good luck with the novel, Jennifer!

Step #1 — Brainstorm Ideas Based on These Factors