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At Easter I get toys, chocolate and chocolate eggs. I love these foods My favorite foods are really good. My restaurants are fun to eat at or go to. My holidays are fun. I like these things. I am like a cheetah Rushing at the savanna with lots of speed Not getting tired at the plains Spying in the grass for my snack.

I am like a video game Standing in a house with a high highscore Sitting on the floor quietly Resting in a corner turned off. We put worms in my soil because we get just the top soil. My soil is good for plants not for weeds. If you buy in my company you are going to be impressed. If you like my soil we are going to give bones for you. Tanks for buying at Roar Soil. How Soil All soils have different colors.

Soil has different minerals that help us with plants to grow. The soil colors are brown, black, red and gray. The soil is good when is at the top has all the nutrients. If you want your plant to grow you must have a good soil! Types of Soil Soil is formed break. The rock into soil this years or more. Over are going to b the rocks are b The soil can b leaves too. Th pieces of the r how the soil is m The soil is made ng of rock or r time the layers be formed.

When broken very small. Is like this med!!!

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The basic thing that plants need is sun, water and are. Different seeds need different temperatures to grow. The plants need food like people and animals. The food that the plants need is decomposes, water and sun shine.

The plants like to grow in hot and worm places. If yours plants do not grow you are in the wrong business. Acting like the queen of the savanna. Taking care of my cubs.

I am like a jeep, Driving slowly on Miami street, Cruising coolly in the cold after noon, Bring fun to people. I am like a river, Carrying people slowly along, Bumping madly over the stones, Splashes playfully on the rocks. I am like an earring, Hanging neatly in the shop, Swinging prettily from people ears, Shining in the sun. Clifton My Favorites I love my favorite things.

My favorite animals are the cutest animals. My favorite places are fun. My favorite foods are delicious. Look and see my favorite things.

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I get really happy when I have favorite foods. I love my favorite foods. The cutest animals are my favorite animals. Horses and Mariana Machado Cats are small and good climbers. Snow leopards are really fury and big and big good climbers.

My favorite animals are really cute. My favorite places are really cool. I like Fernao de Noronha because it is I get really hot and the water is clear. Jriquaquara is small and sandy. Gaspar is hot and small. Good food keeps me from being hungry. My life would be sad without cute animals.

Cool places keep me from being bored. Do you know what plant need to grow healthy? Plants need CO2, H2O, air, nutrients and minerals. One of those is CO2 that means carbon dioxide. The next one is the H2O that it means is water. Air is also very important to plants. Nutrients are also important to plants because it is in the soil.

The last thing is the minerals that also important to plants and it is also in the soil. What Do Plants Need? Layers of Soil Types Soil is amazing. There There are six different The soil is different co on parent material. Th white, brown, black, g soil is green because it the ocean. We can find find red at Brazil and o on the soil. You can fin Poland, little bit on Am places in the world. W soil in America. The so Gravel is the biggest si second biggest is the s smallest or the third b is the same size of the the size it is the clay.

It to see in a scale you w Did you know that there are layers of soil. The letter of the layers are A, B, C and D. The first layer is the letter A humus that has organic matter. The second layer is the letter B that is the top soil. It is a mix of humus and soil. The third layer of soil is the letter C. In this soil there is rocks and soil. The last one that is the fourth layer of soil is the letter D that is the bedrock.

Bedrock is broken up pieces of rock. They stay like this because the water from the rain will crack the bedrock.

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Then the rocks get smaller because the organic matter is growing on top. It is so fun to study about the layers of soil. Green t is made and found under d white soil at china. We can other places that have iron nd brown soil at Brazil, merica and lots of other We can find a lot of the black oil can have different sizes.

The sand with 1mm. The second biggest is the silt is 1mm and e sand.

The smallest of all of ts size is 01mm. Soil is made from different things. To make top soil the ingredients are broken up pieces of rocks, dead leaves, dead animals, tree limbs and also dead bugs. How soil gets its minerals in the soil.

When a Living thing like an animal or a plant dies little bugs eat their meat then their pop gives the minerals to the soil. I am like I am like a turtle Walking on the sand Defending myself against my enemy Swimming through the water.