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Devon Volkel has captured this with uncanny accuracy, and she manages to communicate it really well. I know Devon Volkel is an adult, but I could have sworn I was reading a book for teenagers by a teenager. The situations are authentic, the dialogue is authentic, the activities are authentic, and the whole teenage scene is so real. It is a shame that there are quite a few editorial errors in the book, and moments when the writing is a little forced, but even they contributed to the teenage feel of the narrative. The romance is gripping. With names like Kruise and Shayde, it had to go well, but it is handled incredibly well.

I had forgotten the incredible suspense leading up to a first kiss!! The romantic aspects of the plot and the magical aspects create suspense that builds and builds.

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Devon is a consummate story teller. In the end all of the threads of the story are tied up nicely and I certainly felt the promise of a sequel.

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Dec 09, Melanie Adkins rated it it was amazing. Shayde was celebrating her sixteenth birthday. It was to be a day of surprises and celebration! Shayde had no idea though, how turning sixteen would change her life forever. While having lunch with her best friend, she meets Kruise Wright. He's the hottest guy in school and he's just invited them for a weekend away. Kruise is over the moon when he finds out Shayde has a crush on him.

He's wanted to go out with her for a long time. Now was his chance. Will the two of them be ready for the life c Shayde was celebrating her sixteenth birthday. Will the two of them be ready for the life changing events that follow? This book is extremely well written and the characters seem like old friends. I enjoyed the first love, first kiss and friends aspects but I enjoyed the family secret even more. You'll zip through this book because it's such an easy read. It will take you back to your first love and first kiss.

Well done Devon Volkel!

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I found no issues. I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it really captures your attention from page one. Nov 11, Christopher rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. I stumbled across this book through a friend's recommendation and found it to be a very pleasant read. The characters are fun and easy to relate to and they do make up for the rather slow pace and build up at the start of the book.

It's a great magical coming of age story with an interesting take on the Witchcraft genre. The series has great potential and I hope that Devon will focus more on the magic and a little less on the romance in future books. Definitely worth adding to your reading list. I look forward to future books Devon. Nov 11, James Smuts rated it really liked it. An easy read for me: a diverse group of 'coming of age' characters; plenty of mystery and magic; just enough darkness and danger; an interesting and varied storyline. I always want the magic and excitement, and it was there, but there was a lot of teasing before it really kicked in.

Fortunately the characters were sufficiently entertaining to keep me reading and I'm looking forward to the next one now. Thanks Devon - keep 'em coming. Oct 18, Penrose Publishing rated it really liked it. If you're in the mood for a gentle story of coming-of-age witchery this is just the thing.

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View 2 comments. Nov 28, Julie rated it it was ok Shelves: e-book , paranormal , author-request. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Shayde has just turned sweet sixteen. She gets a new car for her birthday from her parents and another surprise from them as well. She receives an interesting history lesson, a magical ring and sort of like a fairy godmother called Aura. Shayde has also met a great guy named Kruise. Sparks fly between them right from the start and it doesn't take long A Witch's Aura by Devon Volkel is a Penrose publication.

Sparks fly between them right from the start and it doesn't take long for their relationship to escalate into an exclusive one. Shayde would spend every waking moment with Kruise if possible. Although they come from very different backgrounds they both grew up in Salem and enjoy hanging out together and texting every spare moment they can.

But, Shayde is also taking lessons in magic from Aura, so she must keep quiet about what she is doing when she can't be with her boyfriend. But, a life or death situation forces Shayde to reveal her power and true nature to Kruise and to her friends. Initially supportive and even in more awe of Shayde, Kruise accepts her for who and what she is I had no preconceptions when I started this book.

I knew it had been touted as a YA paranormal romance and that was all I really knew. Now there are YA novels that are appealing to all ages and then there are YA novels that appeal to the teenage reader and this started out like that for me. There was way too much time spent on the romance between Shayde and Kruise and it was aimed right at the teen audience. I just couldn't relate to characters. The storyline involving Shayde's history was interesting and the story got more interesting when she finally began training to use her gifts.

But, those passages were few and far between. I have already confessed to being out of touch with this audience, so now I am really going to sound like an old stick in the mud. She is surrounded by a great deal of alcohol consumption and was WAY too young to have had the type of relationship that developed with Kruise. Now, I'm not stupid. I know teens drink and experiment with things, but sixteen is far too young to have been in some of these very adult situations. Her parents rather nonchalant attitude of "this is what teenagers do" was also a little puzzling.

I wouldn't have permitted by teenage daughter to attend a party for the weekend without adult supervision. I guess I was too strict on my kids, but I thought I was a rather cool parent. Again, I realize I am not the targeted audience, but if my teen were reading this I don't know what sort of message I would feel the author was sending. Making it alright to drink and be around others that are drinking and bragging about hangovers and then later the romance that had been mainly kissing turned more serious and again this was treated as normal and to be expected and it was OK because precautions were taken.

I don't know. Naturally, in a series as the characters grow into adults, more adult behavior is expected.

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Perhaps the author might consider New Adult in the future. Overall I give this one a C Jan 15, Denise rated it really liked it.

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  • A Witch's Aura presents us with a new take on the history of witches that for me was really fascinating. The story begins with Shayde on the night before her sixteenth birthday. She is a lovely young woman inside and out and rather innocent having always been protected by her older brother who was killed by a drunk driver early in the year and had always been her best friend.

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    She is does not feel like celebrating as she reflects on her loss. I found myself really liking her character she was a t A Witch's Aura presents us with a new take on the history of witches that for me was really fascinating. I found myself really liking her character she was a true friend and a genuinely kind person.

    Of course through a series of events she meets Kruise, who sits behind her in one of her classes and had harbored a secret crush on Shayde for a very long time. Shayde has always felt there was something different about her and on the night of her birthday she is told the history of her family and about the gifts she has should she choose to accept them. At this point in time it is surprising that between the revelations from her mother and father and the new crushing budding love for cruise that Shayde is not on emotional overload.

    This is a story of young love and acceptance of things that are different from what we have always believed and the resulting ups and downs these revelations. It is a wonderful adventure and the love story is sweet. Usually, a girl at her age, would be happier and celebrating with huge parties.