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The Van Gogh Effect is also sold separately.

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A unique feature in this effect is the " Swirl Animation Speed ". When the Stop Motion Effect is off, this allows you to make the swirls evolve and flow. The customization controls allow for many other painting styles to be created. The Paper Cutout effect stacks or arranges layers of cut-out pieces of paper to form the image from your footage.

You can use the standard construction paper colors, or use the colors from your footage. Inspired by the animation style of South Park, this effect can appear even more crude or homemade that's a good thing! All together, there are 35 customization controls for changing the paper texture, detail level, outline, shadows, and more.

Turn photos into artworks

Chalk Pastels are a beautiful medium. It can also be quite messy.

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  • You can keep the messy, stroke-texture look, or crank up the Smudge Shading control and get smooth fill shading. The Pen Drawing effect offers a completely realistic and beautiful pen-sketched version of your footage. Switch on the Use Colored Ink control to incorporate the colors from your footage.

    Customize the pen strokes, outline and more with 24 customization controls. The Pen Scribble 1 effect can have amazing results when applied to the right footage. It uses After Effects' Scribble effect, making it one of the only art effects that doesn't use a dynamic texture for the medium.

    Using a procedural effect means that there are numerous customization options for changing the shape and path of the scribble. The third and messiest of the pen drawing effects is Pen Scribble 2 — an abstract, grunge-style effect which composites multiple layers of colored pen scribbles to form the image from your footage. This pen scribble effect is also included in the Grunge Effects template.

    Since pencil is such a common medium, it is also the most in-demand art effect for video, which is why there are plenty of pencil shading and outline effects to choose from in this template. This Pencil Drawing 1 effect combines a main outline, multiple lighter sketch lines, and parallel pencil strokes for shading. This pencil drawing effect is also included in the Pencil Sketch Effect template. This Pencil Drawing 2 effect takes the realism up a notch with a smaller, more even-toned pencil texture.

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    The Pencil Drawing 3 effect has perhaps the highest degree of realism and detail of all the pencil effects. It comes with 26 controls for customizing the outline and shading.

    The Pencil Drawing 4 effect has a quick, rough sketch feel to it, using both shading and a sketchy outline. The Pencil Loose Doodle effect doesn't look like much at first glance, but when you see it in motion you'll realize it's an interesting effect with unique applications. It uses multiple "loose" outlines, the paper is crinkled, and popping up over the outer areas of the frame are random doodles from an artist's sketchpad.

    All of these elements contribute to the feel of a spontaneous sketch or doodle. If it's too abstract for your taste, you can use the customization controls to increase the detail. This doodle effect is also included in the Pencil Sketch Effect template. There are three Pencil Outline effects, which each employ different techniques to achieve the effect, making each one look somewhat different.

    This Pencil Outline Cartoon effect uses a main outline as well as multiple loose sketch lines. Easily hide some or all of the sketch lines to "tighten up" your drawing. Use the customization controls to adjust the main outline, sketch lines, and line texture.

    This pencil outline effect is also included in the Pencil Sketch Effect template. The Pencil Outline Find Edges effect uses a main outline as well as multiple loose sketch lines. The Pencil Outline Smart Blur effect can yield very realistic results.

    As with the other pencil outline effects, you can customize the line texture to convert it to a different medium like chalk, charcoal, or pen. The Pop Art effect draws its inspiration from the art movement of the s, often characterized by collages of bright-colored patterns and artwork taken from pop culture. The patterns used here are mostly decorative paper and fabric textures, and you can swap them out with any texture of you own - just like with all dynamic textures in this template. This pop art effect is also included in the Grunge Effects template. The Textiles effect was added in the update.

    This effect stacks layers of fabric sewn on top of each other to form an image, similar to a quilt. Use any fabric texture, assign them unique colors, choose your detail level, customize the stitching, and more. The Typographic Art effect reads the brightness value of your footage and translates it into text of varying size, opacity, and rotation amount, creating a look similar to what's known as ASCII Art.

    The end result is an array of letters, colored or monochrome, that form an image and adapt with your moving footage. Use the customization controls to change the size and number of letters displayed. You can also edit the font and what the text says. The Typographic Art Grunge uses a collage-texture of old, public domain typography designs to create a grunge-style effect — perfect for sports footage, music videos, or any energetic footage.

    Optional paint splatters are added to dirty it up even further. Edit the effect with the 26 customization controls. This Typographic Art effect is also included in the Grunge Effects template. The Vector Blur Paintings effect has 5 presets which take advantage of the multiple looks that can be achieved using the Vector Blur effect in After Effects. It's fun to play with the customization controls to see what painting style you can create!

    Vector illustrations are created in computer software and use mathematically-governed paths to create crisp, clean, scalable graphics. This Vector Illustration effect imitates that look and offers customization controls for the fill and outline. The Watercolor Grunge effect uses paint splatters and watercolor paint textures to form a dirty grunge-style painting or collage.

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    This watercolor effect is also included in the Grunge Effects template and the Watercolor Painting Effect template. The Watercolor Painting 1 effect creates a beautiful and realistic, custom watercolor paint effect for your footage. An additional preset, Watercolor Painting Reveal , uses a continuous flow of ink bleeds to reveal the watercolor painting see Image 2 and Image 3. This watercolor effect is also included in the Watercolor Painting Effect template. The Watercolor Painting 2 effect is new in the update.

    This effect is simple and fast, and creates a clean, detailed, dry-brush watercolor painting look for your footage. Noel's art background: I graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Taylor University, after which I worked for several years as a full-time painter and portrait artist, before transitioning to graphic design and video production.

    I have been an artist my whole life - I just switched from paintbrush to pixels some years back. You can view some of my traditional artwork at my online portfolio.

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    Works on both Mac and PC. No plugins required. CS5 and CS6 users will notice a label on all customization controls that says "Missing". This does not affect functionality, and the controls will work as intended.

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    Overall: 42'' H x 18'' W x 1. Overall: 39'' H x 27'' W x 1. Overall: 23'' H x 23'' W x 1. Overall: 27'' H x 43'' W x 1. Overall: 16'' H x 48'' W x 1. Overall: 24'' H x 44'' W x 1. Overall: 20'' H x 44'' W x 1. Overall: 43'' H x 43'' W x 1.