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Which do you prefer? Pic 1 or Pic 2?

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Let me know. Heather's Birthday! This is Justin reporting in. I've hijacked Heather's shownotes so she can gallivant around while taunting wall clocks and wrist watches. Make sure you reach out to her on Facebook or Twitter and wish her well. I hear each birthday wish will make one of her body's cells immortal. Let's make Heather invincible against the ocean of time! CraftLit forever! Book Talk Begins at Relations Image Mentioned: Click here if you don't want to bust out a magnifying glass to read this.

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Go to CraftLit. Did they get out of the Count's digs in a hurry or what? Stroke Treatment, and a glossary of old medical terms.

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Money disposes. God Laughs. The editing software ground to a halt and nearly took the recording with it. While we await the prognosis of my sad, sad machine, it is once again Audio Editing Solutions for the win! Justin, my hero! Yay You!!! The 12 Days Before Christmas begins here: craftlit. Nicholas By: Elizabeth M. If you talk nerd like me: Turns out the Solid State hard drive started to die, took out the fusion drive with it and then, in an epic domino maneuver, took out my graphics card.

That's why by Thursday the only way I could manipulate the computer like, to turn it off was to use the assistive keystrokes for the blind. THAT was a first. The Genius Bar was stunned to respectful silence. This is the last week I'm tormenting Justin, my seriously-fun-to-work-with editor at Audio Editing Solutions for taking blobs of audio and make them make sense.

That Justin. Epic computer meltdown right after recording. I'm actually typing these notes on my phone. No idea when I'll have a working machine again or at least a machine I can trust to keep working. Not exactly in the holiday budget All credit to Justin, my awesome editor at Audio Editing Solutions for sweeping in and making an episode out of the big wad of audio.

All hail Justin! And on that note, I go back to the tech support call that's had me on hold Premium Audio -- War of the Worlds - 15 - the end Here's the Ravelry thread for ideas and suggestions. San Sebastian just a start of all the stuff you can find on this puppy! Three Men in a Boat is now in the shop! If you missed it as a Premium Member, now you can download the whole shebang and giggle through the dog days of summer.

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Thank you so much and the next chapter will be out next week! More fun with da boys. Knock Thyself Out! Pont du Garde Cool Roman Aqueduct you've seen before! Only one million dollars! In case you wanted to know more about the Plagues of Egypt Why is the Inn failing? These canals had something to do with it. Did you pick up on La Carconte and her Malaria?

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