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Readers love to discover new worlds. We writers feel compelled to create them, to make our own alternate reality of good and evil, conflict and compromise, passion and betrayal. Yet there is also a pitfall here lying in wait for authors that readers never have to learn to avoid: the lure of words.

When creating a rough draft of a manuscript, authors usually do their own thing. As I write, I check my notes for ideas on what comes next. This usually results in several ideas not being used in the final draft, as they—for whatever reason—have nothing to do with the central plot of the given work in progress.

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This is done to make sure that everything flows evenly and the action moves right long. As I read, if I begin to skip sections out of boredom, I take a hard look to make sure those sections need to be there. Anything that is superfluous is deleted, like a sentence whose subject is restated from the one previous. This drive to be concise as possible might seem extreme to some, especially as there is no tight word count on novels as a rule. Writers could also argue that most readers want the books they love to be long, to draw out their reading enjoyment as long as possible.

I see this most often in fantasy, but lately in other works as well, especially series books. There are sections—and sometimes chapters—that could be summarized by a page, a paragraph, or sometimes even be left out…and the book itself still remains whole and complete.

Writers who do this have fallen victim to the lure of words. Succumbing to the lure of words is a gradual process. The first stories a writer pens usually are short, or at least direct. Few words are wasted in the telling of the tale, and there is likely little elaboration or false clues in mystery writing circles, this used to be known as a red herring: an informal fallacy that leads the reader to a false conclusion, making the story more exciting than a straightforward plot.

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But the more books a novelist produces, the harder it becomes to rein in a work, especially in a series. More and more characters come on the scene, each with their own histories.

Landscapes evolve ex: a world which before comprised of two cities and the land between them now adds on a sea, several other cities across the sea, and five most cities inland from the initial two. Some of this happens because the longer a story is, by necessity the more complex it must become to sustain the ongoing action. So early books which held lots of action and suspense give way to sequels where not much happens, even as the books themselves get longer. In this, a writer must always remember that they are telling a story not only for themselves, but also for their audience.

In her grief, Sar turns to Danial and hesitantly begins to build a life with him and Elle. Excerpt: Lying on my pillow was a small box of Godiva Chocolate. I picked up the card beside it. Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 22, A. Baffin, anxious to grow up far faster than he should, has an uncontrollable desire to breathe fire, just like the older dragonasaurus do.

His need is so great he is prepared to risk his own safety and travel through Trembly Wood and on to Fire Mountain, in search of the Great Fire Bird whom he believes will be able to help him. Unaware of the Grong, the terrible creature that wanders the woods, Baffin begins his journey. These feet might look odd but mean it can race right after its prey at a lightening pace. Josephine Young has taken two all-time children's favourites, the dragon and the dinosaur, and given us the dragonasaurus. These endearing little creatures fill the series with their captivating and comical adventures.

All the Dragonasaurus books are written in rhyme.

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The rhyme is excellent and works extremely well. The illustrations are cartoon-like and very colourful. The books are great fun, but quite long; so I feel younger listeners and readers may need more than one sitting. Something I very much liked was the language. It does not patronise young children, which is good.

Instead it offers new words to learn in a diverting way. There is plenty of excitement throughout the stories and the endings to all are a surprise.

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And, of course, each tale has a message. I can definitely recommend these books to be read to or by any child. They are sweet, funny, charming, imaginative and entertaining. I hope author Josephine Young will be giving us more of these wonderful, original and well-written tales.

Highly recommended! He visits the firebird who lives on top of fire mountain. Read and find out if Baffin gets fire. This is a cute book about a young dragon who feels different because he is told he is different. He wants to grow up too fast.

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He learns a valuable lesson while up on the mountain. I have bought both this and Bella's dancing Dilemma from this new author. They are both fantastic and we will be buying the others in the series. Baffin has just the right amount of tension provided by the hideous Grong who is built just a little bit wrong in it to keep my daughter hooked right in. Also has fantastic illustrations. Great fun - an enjoyable and humorous book which my daughter and I enjoy reading together.

The scene with Baffin and the firebird is adorable , the pictures are fab and it is told in rhyme which bounces along making it great fun to read. Great series which my daughter loves - main review on Bella's Dancing Dilemma. I got this book free from kboards. I originally was going to give it 2 stars but read the second paragraph for why I chose not to. Cute character drawings Baffin is adorable but I wasn't a fan of the illustrations as a whole and wish they were on the same page as the illustrations especially with how long the verses are.

The story was quite bland and a bit long and while I am usually a big fan of rhyming verse, especially for children's stories, I didn't like the authors liberties I got this book free from kboards. The story was quite bland and a bit long and while I am usually a big fan of rhyming verse, especially for children's stories, I didn't like the authors liberties. Nothing was exciting or new and I felt like I've seen it all before. It's an ok book but I don't know if it's worth a buy. I was really surprised actually with the amount of 5 star reviews on amazon and goodreads, and I did some digging, and I believe the author either employs friends to rate the book for them or they buy reviews.

You'll notice every review on amazon is made by a person who reviews one or two of the same books all on one day and then never logs back in. Look no further than "vivek's" rating on here. A man from India who's rated 3. It's deceitful to do this and my review score is to show I will not tolerate it. To all the moms out there, be cautious of this book, it's worth a read and the free cost was perfect for me, but it's not as good as advertised. Do not believe the bought reviews. Lance Wilson rated it really liked it Dec 11, Vicky Hubbert rated it it was ok Jul 23, Rowen Wagner rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Sancha rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Rachael Smiley rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Vivek rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Kris Hazard rated it really liked it Dec 30, Linsay rated it really liked it Aug 10, Lisa Foster rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Heather Moore rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Dawn Akins rated it really liked it Dec 31, Helen Miley rated it it was amazing Feb 16, Cypriania Aubergine rated it it was amazing Jul 09, Abhiram rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Jenny Green marked it as to-read Nov 22, Cindy Gates marked it as to-read Nov 22,