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    Caste and Kinship in Central India. Adrian C. The Sexual Life of English. Shefali Chandra. Paramjit S Judge. Becoming a Borderland. Sanghamitra Misra. Modern Practices in North East India. Manjeet Baruah.

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    The Gurkha army was expelled but Ranjit Singh also annexed the most fertile party of the Kangra valley, reducing the Katochs of Kangra as well as the neighbouring rajas to the status of vassals. The Katochs and the surrounding hill rajas were assigned small jagirs over which they had the rights of revenue and magisterial authority.

    The Katoch clan one of the 14 ruling clans of the Himachal Pradesh and Jammu region in the medieval times. Sibaia also stems from Siba. Guleria stems from Guler region. The four branches came into existence after the 11th century CE. Katochs suffixed 'Chandra' to their names until the rise of the Sikh dynasty in Punjab, after which some clan members started suffixing 'Singh' also. However, most clan members today, including in the sub-clans, suffix Chand. The higher the sub-clan rated its own status, the farther away towards the west they tended to marry.

    In past centuries, the clan and its branches ruled several princely states in the region of Trigarta. Trigarta refers to the land between three rivers, namely, Beas, Sutlej, and Ravi. The originator of the clan was Rajanaka Bhumi Chand. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Singh, Kumar Suresh ed. Readable discussion of the ideas of varna and jati , and a response to M. Demonstrates the relative insignificance of varna as a framework for understanding caste and the resurgence of jati -based identities and politics.

    Dumont, Louis. Homo hierarchicus. Chicago: Univ. First published Hutton, J. Caste in India: Its nature, functions, and origins. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Univ.

    Leach, Edmund, ed.