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The Dawn of Christmas Book. Lovecraft Book. Here is where 5e Illusion and I part ways. It goes into Evocation. Creating physical objects is to an illusion what baking a cake is to being a butcher.

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Yeah, I went there. Plus, reaching into other dimensions is a conjuration!

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Seeing and hearing at a distance is absolutely a Divination ability Clairvoyance , in fact. Clearly magic affecting magic, so it goes into Neutrum. Simulacrum 7 — This spell creates a semi-sentient creature from snow and gives it skin. Creating the creature is obviously Vitae, while the skin is clearly within the realm of Illusion. Into Vitae it goes. The touch can take whatever form the caster chooses, but it must be light, such as the stroke of a finger, a breath of air, or the tickle of insect legs. It can only affect the outside of the creature, but the target area does not have to be exposed.

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At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of higher than 1st level, you may target 2 additional creatures for each additional level of the slot above 1. It can make decent food excellent, and make good food unpleasant. Well-executed multi-metaphor showing just how absurd the spell description is. Also, why did 5e take Phantom Steed out of Conjuration? It made sense there… more than in Illusion, at any rate.