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Kane originally wanted to be a poet, but decided that she was unable to convey her thoughts and feelings through poetry. She wrote that she was attracted to the stage because "theatre has no memory, which makes it the most existential of the arts. No doubt that is why I keep coming back in the hope that someone in a dark room somewhere will show me an image that burns itself into my mind".

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Kane's first play was Blasted. The agent Mel Kenyon was in the audience and subsequently represented Kane, suggesting she should show her work to the Royal Court Theatre in London. The action is set in a room of a luxurious hotel in Leeds where Ian, a racist and foul-mouthed middle-aged journalist, first tries to seduce and later rapes Cate, an innocent, simple-minded young woman. From its opening in a naturalistic—though troubling—world, the play takes on different, nightmarish dimensions when a soldier, armed with a sniper 's rifle, appears in the room.

The narrative ultimately breaks into a series of increasingly disturbing short scenes. Its scenes of anal rape, cannibalism , and other forms of brutality, created one of the biggest theatre scandals in London since Edward Bond 's Saved [1] in Kane admired Bond's work, and he in turn publicly defended Kane's play and talent. Blasted was fiercely attacked in the British press. The Daily Mail drama critic Jack Tinker wrote a review headlined "this disgusting feast of filth". It was later seen to be making parallels between domestic violence and the war in Bosnia , and between emotional and physical violence.

Kane said, "The logical conclusion of the attitude that produces an isolated rape in England is the rape camps in Bosnia and the logical conclusion to the way society expects men to behave is war. The assistant director of this production, Joseph Hill-Gibbins , suggests that "The argument is made through form, through the shifts in styles in Blasted. That's how she constructs the argument, by taking this setting in an English Northern industrial town and suddenly transporting the action to a war zone.

The critic Ken Urban says that "for Kane, hell is not metaphysical: it is hyperreal, reality magnified". Skin was an eleven-minute screenplay written for Channel 4 , a British TV station, depicting a violent relationship between a black woman and a racist skinhead. Kane was then commissioned by the Gate Theatre , London, to write a play inspired by a classic text. Phaedra's Love was loosely based on the classical dramatist Seneca 's play Phaedra , but given a contemporary setting.

The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology – Volume 5

In this reworking of the myth of Phaedra's doomed love for her stepson Hippolytus , it is Hippolytus, rather than Phaedra, who takes the central role. It is Hippolytus' emotional cruelty which pushes Phaedra to suicide. Kane reversed classical tradition by showing, rather than describing, violent action on stage. The play contains some of Kane's wittiest and most cynical dialogue.

Kane described it as "my comedy". Cleansed premiered at the Royal Court's theatre downstairs in April , and was directed by James Macdonald. This was at the time the most expensive production in the Royal Court's history. Roy Rogers TV show closing credits Youtube. HEAD SOUND The head of the sound department, which deals with any recorded music, sound effects, vocal reinforcement and music amplification required in the production.

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Also used when an object is being dropped from above. The legal component is the Health and Safety at Work Act , but there are a number of regulations which relate to safe working. Safety in Live Entertainment on Theatrecrafts. However, if the audience fails to laugh, the pause will slow the pace of the performance. The actors must learn to react to the audience as they react. An even more dangerous practice is to assume that the audience of the show tonight will laugh at the same points as the audience of the previous show. HOUSE IS OPEN Announcement made over backstage communication system to let cast and crew know that the auditorium is open to the audience and that if there is no curtain, they should stay off the stage.

It is good practice for no-one crew, cast or management to walk onto or off the stage while the house is open unless it's part of the show of course! IATSE website. If the improvisation helps the performance move forward, appropriately, due to a technical or other issue, then improvisation can be helpful. If, however, it's put in to raise a laugh or breaks character or the mood of the scene, it is frowned on. Theatrical Logic. There are often a number of entrances through the seating. Special consideration needs to be given to onstage furniture and scenery as audience sightlines can easily be blocked.

Stage managers and directors often use the idea of a clock face to describe actor positions on stage e. An event or performance staged by a manufacturer or company in order to launch a product or celebrate a milestone of some kind.

Such events are often spectacular. INVENTORY A numbered packing list which itemises all single pieces travelling on a tour; all cartons, flightcases, crates, baskets together with quantities and descriptions of contents. Extremely important if touring abroad to satisfy customs. Also known as a 'Russian Run'. It was manufactured by a retired British pharmacist, John Tynegate, during the s and s, in the village of Abbotsbury, Dorset. Many varieties of blood, having various degrees of viscosity, shades and textures were available.

Since Tynegate's death, the name "Kensington Gore" has become a generic term for stage blood. Kensington Gore was used in the film The Shining. Director Stanley Kubrick had several thousand gallons of it gushing out of an opening elevator during the elevator door scene. Kill channel 6 please. LEGS Vertical drape set as masking piece at the side of an end-on acting area.

Usually set up in pairs across the stage and used in conjunction with borders to frame the audiences view. Legs are hung from flying bars, and are usually fairly narrow in width 1. One of many possible origins of the phrase 'Break a Leg', meaning to take an extra encore from the legs after a successful performance. French: Pendrillon also used for wider tabs, but not full-width stage curtains More information on Break A Leg. The fader is designed to be operated at it's optimal position which is labelled 0dB. The decibel dB scale is a measure of sound intensity.

Interesting dynamics between different characters in the play can be explored using various levels. The script of a musical. The writer of the Libretto is the Librettist. LIFT CALL An additional rehearsal session, often before a performance, to go over tricky choreography which includes lifts where one performer lifts another.

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See also Fight Call. Also called the Get In, or the Loading Dock. It is at high level so that weights can be loaded when the bar is at the lowest point usually a few feet above stage level. LOCK RAIL The part of the flying system in the theatre where the brakes and rope locks are applied to the ropes to ensure that a fly bar cannot move once set. Prior to this agreement, Equity basically dealt with Broadway type productions and nothing else.

LX Short for Electrics. The department in the theatre responsible for stage lighting and sometimes sound and maintenance of the building's electrical equipment. A piece of musical theatre will credit writers of 'Book' and 'Lyrics'. The author of the book writes the script unsung and the lyricist writes the lyrics in the songs. Musicians Union website. Also for marking position of furniture etc. Always be aware that some tapes may damage or mark some wooden floor surfaces!

This type of masking is sometimes known as "Up and Down Masking" as it runs up- and down-stage.

Theatre of the Absurd

This term seems to be rarely used now. The downstage legs are furthest apart, and each set of legs moving upstage is moved onstage, with the upstage set narrowest. The exact distances involved vary according to the size of the space, and the acting area required. The same applies to the borders.

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Italian: quintatura. From the Latin for 'of the morning', but who does theatre in the morning? This is determined by the fire department, or a fire officer, making use of local regulations about the amount of space required for each person, and by the number of fire exits and the size of exit walkways and the number of toilets etc available. A minijack to twin-phono cable is used to connect from a laptop, phone or MP3 player into a sound system or mixing desk that has phono 'pin plug' input connections.

MODEL A scale model provided by the set designer to help all the technical departments to co-ordinate and plan a production. Used as a reference when building, painting, dressing and lighting the set. When that's been approved by the director, and has been roughly budgeted, the final model is produced which should look identical to the finished set on stage. This is used as a reference by scenic artists and lighting designer etc.

One example is the flute sound in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman.