Guide Dim-maks 12 Most Deadly Katas: Points of No Return

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Dim-Mak's 12 Most Deadly Katas: Points Of No Return

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Notify me. Description In this book, Master Erle Montaigue offers students quick, concise training in the 12 most deadly forms of dim-mak, based on the powerful points along the acupuncture meridians. Also learn to respond to attacks with 12 corresponding free-sparring techniques, or san sau. For academic study only. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions People who bought this also bought. Vital Point Strikes Sang H. Add to basket. Pressure-point Fighting Rick Clark. Bestsellers in Oriental Martial Arts. Qigong Meditation Jwing-Ming Yang.

Kendo Geoffrey Salmon. Bubishi Patrick McCarthy. A Bond Undone Jin Yong. Bruce Lee Matthew Polly. Jiu-jitsu University Kevin Howell. Judo Formal Techniques Donn F. Hagakure Yamamoto Tsunetomo. • View topic - How Practicable Is Dim Mak?

About my style of fighting, I use explosive strength and I tend to focus a lot on close quarters,For example chokes and locks. I focus a lot on practicality and katas for ideas. Shankar, if you work with chokes a lot then I suggest a study of the structures under a point called ST That said, do not get too caught up in the term "Pressure Point", they are anatomical structures that we are after not magic points.

As a matter of fact Kyusho is not acupuncture points Another target to look at is mentioned in part two of this article as LI , but don't think point, learn what is underneath. And for the record it seems you may have skimmed through the website, I have been online giving away a ton of information since , if you can not find information it is because you have not looked deep enough The deeper you look the more profound Karate is Disclaimer: We use point names for ease of communication as Kyusho is not pressure points February 15, at pm.

Thank you, but do you have some one touch KO points because I avoid groundwork can't seem to find any judo classes over here! Most Kyusho targets could cause altered states of consciousness.

Pressure Point & Dim Mak Secrets

But it is more than just knowing a target, it is knowing how to use it and what it does Not to mention what it really is. You see two were already given, yet instead of studying them you ask for more. Knowledge and skill are two different things. One is in your head, the other in your hands. I am thinking about leaving a George Dillman licensed instructor because he said I never made contact on his face with a punch because I was in a hypnotic state. I replied by saying that I felt his fuzzy beard.

He said just focus on the martial art drills if you don't want to get punched in the face. I am quite disenchanted with instructor and I am thinking about switching over to an reality based self defense system based on isshinryu karate. If a person is skilled why does he have to put up a front? I am pretty sure the kyuosho master can kick my butt; however, he has too many delusional ideas. We train Kyusho in spontaneous drills as well as sparring, fighting, ground fighting as well.

May 18, at am. Also, how can you take a person seriously if he believes in no contact combat.

That is why everyone already knows about Kyusho targets as the grips, the pressure points, are all used by so many. The real difference is that Kyusho is a finish unto itself Blind MMA. I am totally blind and I study Kyusho and Karate as well as other martial art forms. I Have found Mr Pantazi's methods invaluable and learning about the vital points alongside the physiology of the human body is a must for any serious martial artist.

Dim-Mak's 12 Most Deadly Katas : Points of No Return

October 6, at pm. Well sir, thanks for taking the time to pursue Kyusho The reason we stress hands on training besides the obvious along with health remedies, energetics training and yes even intimacy, is due to the tactile skills built up over time. Yes you can target even with strikes without looking at the target, this is crucial in grappling, ground fighting and multiple person assault.

Blind Sensei. Evan, thank you for your response. I have enjoyed following your videos on YouTube and it is an honour to have you reply to me here. I have just recently started learning how to grapple and using my skills I already learned in karate and Kyusho alongside a ground martial art such as Brazilian jujutsu seems to make for an interesting combination of mixed martial arts.

Keep up your good work sir as you are an inspiration. December 10, at pm. I purchased one of your DVDs which I enjoy. But the techniques you apply are from a static position with the training partners just standing in front of you. It would have been nice to see how these techniques would be applied in a sparing type scenario since most fights involve people moving and not remaining static. Do you have any DVDs that would encompass something like this? December 11, at am. First thank you for the support of the DVD You need to understand that these DVD's are not the way we train, they are a tutorial on the various aspects of Kyusho. Working in sparring, high stress attack and or mass attack which we train only in classes , does not teach anything. These levels are also not for a beginner trying to figure Kyusho out or learning how to apply it. Please also understand the ramifications of full out Kyusho,we tap as light as we can to save the Uke from major trauma.

Kaamelott Livre III - Tome 1 / [ENG SUB]

For our testing criteria the practitioner needs to notwork a full out KO, but what we call a level 2 KO, where the body collapses and the consciousness is severely altered. But I understand that this raises many questions These are also a few years old and our training is at an even higher level now Please feel free to ask any other questions that may arise. Sorry that all mashed together October 17, at pm. I would like to know if George Dillman is a conman with his not touch chi act?

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Are his students brainwashed? Can you Evan Pantazi do the same being a 7th dan under him? Thank you for your time. I also saw a video somewhere of how he got close to Muhammed Ali I think it was and from then on he got publicity. He could still be a legitimate martial artist, and still use foolish demonstrations to get publicity and students, who knows Q: Dear Dr. Kelly, Is it true that by hitting someone in a. When has this happened?

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A: Yes it is true that striking the chest can cause cardiac arrest. This has been documented in medical literature for over years. Although the answer is complex, I will give you a brief explanation. Commotio cordis can occur with a relatively mild chest blow if a certain location is attacked during a specific period of the cardiac cycle. The oftenquoted.