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You ask very few and simple questions, look into their eyes, check their mimics and find out who are the liars and who is the murderer.

You get full participant involvement: From 3 to more than 20 participants - so it also plays big on large stages. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you'll get an email with your gift certificate.

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Write a review! Customer Reviews showing 1 - 10 of Showing the Most Helpful Newest. You line up a bunch of people. Have them select one to be the murderer and have everyone decide to be either a truth-teller or liar. With a few simple questions, you can figure out who is the murderer and who is lying. Of course, this is the old Banachek Ring of Truth premise in different clothing.

Some may even recognize Atlas Brookings's Imbalance, but trust me, this is a lot easier to understand. And once you see how one works, it's just a matter of understanding the "process" in figuring out the others. If you like these--and I certainly do--then you'll love Andante Murder Mystery. If this kind of stuff gives you a headache, then stay away.

I will say this, like a few of these methods, this one has the flaw where certain responses are ipso facto mutually inconsistent, and a really sharp observer--probably one with a degree in philosophy--while perhaps not knowing exactly how it works, will see the overall picture behind the effect. Tequila Hustler and V are both good at hiding the process. It's not fatal, and a good performance will camouflage it, but it is there. The ebook gives some helpful performance tips.

At first blush, the ebook, like this creator's other effects such as Zodino, is exhausting in its detail. But if you take a deep breath and first concentrate on the bold-faced principles, the colorful diagrams will make sense. And if you are familiar with Tequila Hustler or another similar effect, figuring it out will really take no time at all. You'll know whether you want this or not. If you do, you'll use it because it's smart and well worth the cost.

It will undoubtedly be great to use in a room full of strangers or for a stage performance. Did this review help you? I love the fact that you can just walk up to random strangers with nothing in your pockets and create a moment of true amazement. But it isn't. This one is of the same calibre but using an entirely different technique, which is completely propless and impromptu. So, you don't need to handle cards and you can start straight away with all participants. That's cool!

Tostee's obsession with 'recording everything'

The PDF file is well illustrated and covers lots of angles from stage techniques to ways of reducing the number of questions asked. The booklet might be overwelming at the beginning but is well summarized towards the middle and the actual technique is very simple. The mini cheat sheet is a nice bonus that might come in handy after a while.

How often have I forgotten how exactly an effect works So, the cheat sheet is already in my wallet This is a beautiful piece of mentalism with a ground breaking new technique. Two thumbs up! Do you want to respond to this review?


Truely awesome real-world mentalism Report this review Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on September 7th, Bought it the other day and used it straight away. Awesome reactions, excellent! This is practical, real-world mentalism. Not complicated lip reading or convoluted anagrams. And yet, no gimmicks or other stuff are involved.

Plain and simple. For me, that's how great magic should be! I realized with difficult, "super clever" crowds, it's best to ask each player only one question initially. That way virtually no-one can backtrack your method. For the second question only ask those players that are mentioned in the PDF. With that in mind it is solid gold. Go and get it! Truely awesome real-world mentalism Report this review Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on September 11th, Great reactions!

Bought it today and used it straight away. That's how great magic should be! I realized, with difficult or "super clever" crowds, it's best to ask each player only one question initially. That way virtually no-one can backtrack the method.

Philosophy and parody in a murder mystery

Undoubtedly the best effect I've purchased this year! Propless, impromptu, surprisingly simple and gets massive reactions. Just read the last page of instructions, rehearse it twice and you are ready to go. Tip: Initially just try it with groups of 3 or 5 people before you move on to other sizes of groups. Then, it's super easy. A miracle at a moment's notice! Love this stuff! I'm not sure why some peeps don't like the 'which hand' effect, I know a few of them.

Having said that, I really have always liked the effect to include 'Kurosuke'. This Andante Murder Mystery adds to my repertoire of 'propless mentalism'. Walk into any home, bar, restaurant and voila! I don't have to be dressed a certain way to perform, it becomes 'real magic' being able to perform this material.

A Fatal Grace, Part 2

Gamache is a fine detective character: in his fifties, he is well-read, vice-free, happily married, and able venture into the minds of other people even murderers as well as his own. In addition to loving his work and his team of agents, he is always appalled by death and especially senseless killing. He imparts precepts to his trainees like: always ask when you don't know; never lie to me; listen so hard it hurts; and everything makes sense. Gamache is observant, experienced, wise, empathetic, and intelligent. He is also capable of mistakes, and his debonair man-of-reason second-in-command Jean Guy Beauvoir worries that Gamache is prone to trusting untested young officers like the disastrous Agent Yvette Nichol in the first novel to a potentially fatal fault--and he seems to be doing the same thing with young Agent Robert Lemieux in this book.

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Penny is good at getting into the heads of her varied people male, female, old, young, straight, gay, likeable, loathsome, Francophone, Anglophone, big city, small town, wealthy, poor, etc. Going by her first two novels, she does feel most comfortable or want to spend most time with creative people: artists, poets, designers, photographers, and so on.

If I were to find flaws in Penny's detective and community it would be that perhaps they are too good to be true. Gamache's "mistakes" tend to be errors of trust rather than of ethics or detective work, he is almost too good at coming up with apt quotations, and he even plays a rather heroic volunteer fireman at one point, while Three Pines might be too idyllic a mystery-genre town, too full of interesting, witty, and creative people, too apt to host murders.

But Penny is a fine writer and mystery genre fans especially those interested in Quebecois culture and the arts should like this book. View all my reviews. Jefferson Peters This blog is for book reviews. Please feel free to comment on any of the reviews! An Ember in the Ashes. As they alternate telling their stories in trendy Young Adult first person, present tense narration , we soon rea Animal Farm. At first Chinese Classic Stories. Perfect Stories of Life in Early 20th Century China Chinese Classic Stories by Xun Lu is an excellent collection of seven short stories by perhaps the most important 20th century Chinese writer of fiction.