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One sure way to spark a life long interest is to allow kids to experience the pride in ownership that comes from having your own gear. Vail Valley Anglers is the perfect place to begin selecting your fly fishing gear. Other key pieces of gear that enhance a day of teaching kids to fly fish would be a landing net or small seine. Should you find the fly fishing going slowly, it is easy to maintain interest by switching focus to river sampling. Introducing kids to the aquatic insects found in the ponds and rivers feeds their natural curiosity.

A few creative options include casting contests or casting for distance and accuracy. Awarding flies to kids for performing skills like roll casting or accurate casting builds motivation, starts a young anglers fly collection, and is another level of success that you can make easy to achieve. Casting for targets or hula hoops creates a different type of success where all of the anglers can win.

Setting up paper cups or pop cans like a plinking day at the shooting range becomes a really fun game with fly rods. Remember to maintain the fun factor as much as possible. Another great learning opportunity while teaching kids to fly fish is the basic knot. Knowing how to tie on your own fly is a necessity that all kids want to learn. Young anglers take great pride in knowing how to do it themselves. Give them the skills to achieve success and we will have the next generation of fly anglers ready to fill the fly shops.

The last point to emphasize is safety. The Becks are well-known throughout the fly-fishing industry for their schools, their writing and their photography. Their program covers gear and how to assemble it, a variety of casting techniques, entomology the study of insects , knot tying and more. Some of the class is taught on the grass.

Basic Fly Casting Techniques |

When students master the basics they move on to casting on one of the private ponds. Students also have the opportunity to tie on flies to catch trout, bass or panfish, and that's when the fish fighting instruction begins. The class can be extended for an on-the-stream experience. The Becks also teach proper fly presentations, how to achieve a drag-free drift and how to use flies such as dry flies, emergers, streamers and nymphs. Cathy's Tip: Students should practice when the course is over: "The more students practice their casting and spend time on the water fishing, the quicker they improve.

Dealer's choice is the theme of Vaughn Cochran's program. He's teamed up with co-owner and native Bahamian Clint Kemp to offer a destination school at their Blackfly Lodge on Abaco in the Bahamas. Kemp teaches students how to fly-cast for bonefish, largely considered the holy grail of saltwater fly rodders. The school is oriented toward all ages, which makes for a perfect family getaway. Cochran's Blackfly Outfitters school in Jacksonville, Fla.

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And a new Blackfly Outfitters freshwater school is being built in the stunning countryside of Charlottesville, Va. Kemp's Tip: "The casting stroke is all about timing and has little to do with strength. I try to have all my students feel the rhythm of the cast with the pull, wait and push. Kemp's casting exercises feature a piece of yarn on a pencil "to get the student to feel the rhythm and dynamics of the cast. By the time they pick up the rod we are over halfway there. Some even practice at work.

Cochran's Tip: "Understand that the path of the rod tip is critical to the path of the fly line. The casting stroke is not an arc; the path of the rod tip should be in a straight line parallel to the horizon in order to throw a tight loop. The mountains of north-central California are home to some of the state's best trout fishing, and kids and families who want to take advantage of this can check out The Fly Shop's summer FishCamps.

All facets of fly-fishing are covered in the program, which operates out of the Antelope Creek Lodge near Mount Shasta, Calif. I can assure you though; it won't be long before they start asking! This is the most versatile fly rod outfit, in my opinion, anywhere for children. With a five weight fly rod, you can fish for bass, trout, bream, sunfish, and even smaller saltwater fish like little snappers. If you want to give your child some extra practice including yourself! Maybe you're not ready to pull the trigger on a pair of waders for your child. There are a lot of nice fly boxes out there, but a foam fly box would probably be the smartest thing to get for a child.

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If they drop it in the water, it will be easy to see, and it will float. For leaders, make sure you go on the heavier and shorter side to begin with so they a don't break off fish and b have fewer problems casting. If you have a local fly shop close by, please support it! They'll make sure that your child is set up and ready to go. I still remember when my parents first took my twin sister and me at a very young age out west to 63 Ranch in Livingston, Montana.

It was there that I first picked up a fly rod. I recall a little pond on the ranch that you had to hike down an incredibly steep hill to get to. I could see the trout swimming around in the water and every so often, one of them would pluck something off the surface.

5 Tips For Teaching Kids To Fly-Fish

The kind folks at 63 Ranch informed the parents that no children were allowed to walk down the hill to go to the pond without being accompanied by an adult. After my first fly casting lesson and watching the trout swim around in the pond for what seemed like hours, I was the exception to that rule. Or at least I thought! To this day, it is still one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken with my family. If you want to give your child the same experience, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures has several family trips we book and recommend. Here are a few blog articles for you to check out and help you brainstorm:.

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