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Free Press, published by Larry Flynt.

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Rob Falotica has scanned and reproduced the classic at his site www. Miller second from left discussed his display with visitors to Dealey Plaza…. James McCauley gets it right, the Mayor of Dallas has planned a public relations event that will not address the darkness of the past by ignoring the assassination and the unsolved murder of President Kennedy.

This event does not address reality. The forum mentioned in….

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Note comment in last paragraph. Visit website to see photos, video and documents in full. Oscar L. This article raises many good questions about Lee Harvey Oswald, and the video is a must see. We support full release of records in all these cases and have been promised them regularly with no result. We suggest a writing campaign or petition to…. City of Dallas negotiates deal with conspiracy theorists on Nov. The article online contains video interviews with John Judge and Oliver Stone. This publication goes to members of Congress.

Kennedy continues to captivate and intrigue the American psyche. While thousands of books have been written about…. The 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of John F. Tague, who was wounded on his cheek for November 22 during the shooting of Kennedy and Connally. Despite the speculations about a possible motive for Oswald in killing JFK, this article contains many interesting details for researchers.

Kennedy, Marina Oswald, the wife of the…. Thanks to researcher Ed Tatro for this article.

The photos are worth the website visit. A video presentation makes it seem a neutral issue that the limousine, a crucial piece of evidence in the assassination forensic and ballistics issues, was immediately removed for total breakdown…. Tague This man changed history! November 22, is a day James Tague will never forget. Tague was unexpectedly thrust into one of the…. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22 in Tague is the only man…. We need to reclaim our history By David Talbot Salon. He managed to be quoted in the City Paper hit piece written by someone from the right wing Evening Standard, but the progressive press,….

It led to tens of thousands of letters to Congress demanding their release. If he adds a similar message at the end of his new…. Kennedy was fatally shot and long after official inquiries ended, thousands of pages of investigative documents remain withheld from public…. Of course it does present the unspoken theory that Oswald alone killed Kennedy…. The Mysterious Mr. Bush and the assassination of John F.

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  5. Or between the C. Or between Bush and the C. Since we issued this press release, after months of silence from Dallas authorities and a letter stating no parks would be open that day for permit activities in Dallas, the Mayor sent a proposal to COPA.

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    It is based on the understanding that will not…. Randy Benson, award winning documentary filmmaker is hosting this event. Was Cuban professional hit man Herminio Diaz a second Kennedy assassin? Kennedy in with…. This comment from researcher Ed Tatro sheds a different light on Erik Johnson than the article below.

    Registration is open. The JFK assassination in cartoons? Author of book on John F. Kennedy plans graphic novel version Greg Garrison ggarrison al. Kennedy are on display. Owen November 4,…. Clearly the scene of the JFK assassination is the primary reason tourists visit Dallas, but the Mayor wants to limit access on November 22 this year for a public relations event.

    Frank Morales frm panix. Superior Court, Attorney…. The assumption of no conspiracy leads to many factual and contextual errors in the trailer and will in the film as a whole. The propaganda…. CIA closes office that declassifies historical materials The Historical Collections Division is the latest casualty of sequester cuts.

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    The office handling Freedom of Information Act requests will take over the work. By Ken Dilanian August 21, , p. We are researchers, historians,…. Here are tapes made by Oswald and Titovets that bring him alive. Kennedy was fatally shot and long after official inquiries ended, thousands of pages of investigative documents remain…. The original petition at Change.

    We need this to go viral. The following petition has been posted at Change. Please help us send this message to the Mayor. Feel free to share our recent press release with any press contacts you have. As a twelve-year-old in , he handed out flyers…. This article approaches journalistic objectivity from the Dallas Morning News, known for an editorial policy that for decades has blamed Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin on President Kennedy and has been silent on the controversies surrounding Oswald, his intelligence background and related issues.

    Green For the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F.

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    Kennedy, Mayor Rawlings of the city of Dallas has come to a momentous decision. Facing what was likely to be a large-scale presence at the grassy knoll,…. Despite nearly a year of effort to address the 50th Planning Committee regarding our year tradition of holding a Moment of Silence on the Grassy Knoll to commemorate the life, legacy and assassination of President John F.

    Kennedy and to speak the truth about who…. This dated article shows the Martin Luther King family members believed the conspiracy went all the way the White House, involving at least the cognizance of President Lyndon Johnson. Son of Dr. King Asserts L. Each book is revealing in its own way see below. I said the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination in Dallas would be no big deal.

    It will…. Kennedy, reveal new evidence suggestive of a larger conspiracy. The filings also enumerate examples…. Even the Dallas Morning News is applauding the appellate court decision in favor of the First Amendment and expression of free speech in Dealey Plaza. It is the continued determination of a small group of people in Dallas to tightly control public observations of the….

    Kennedy is slumped in the backseat of this car immediately after being shot in Dallas.

    John Judge - Voices of Iowa - Grout Museum District Located in Waterloo, Iowa

    AP A…. Dallas is in denial. They want to grab the national and international press attention they know is coming to Dealey Plaza next November 22, the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Although there is no formal conference planned for COPA this year, a few of us are gathering at the grassy knoll to honor the moment of silence for John Kennedy, as honored for so many years by Penn Jones and then John Judge himself.

    While plans for a conference in Dallas…. Log In. Aggregated Articles Broadcast Conferences Main news. Martin Luther King. Due to issues with broadband at the hotel server we had difficulty bringing in some remote speakers as well as live-casting all the speakers. We apologize for the problems, we did try to correct them during the presentations.