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1. Make a fresh start

Yet, just as someone who has struggled with alcohol almost invariably needs to abstain from it, I believe a gay person with the Holy Spirit as their guide needs to learn what they need to abstain from, as to keep in concordance with the Word of God, and I believe God will help them with the transforming of their minds. I know it sounds ridiculous to some. But I cannot change the Bible.

Authentic Love

And there are a fair amount of people who consider themselves gay who have the same conviction. I hope it helps. Once again, please take this with as much respect as you possibly can. I am not trying to point fingers, but just express my thoughts and help us all respectfully and truthfully dialogue about this. I think it is entirely unclear that those verses are addressing committed same sex relationships.

Daniel, you mentioned or quoted Romans 1 a couple of times, and seek call others to take it seriously. I do, and so from my humble understanding of sexual orientation, I understand that you can take this verse exactly as stated to mean what it says—if, and its a big if, you understand sexual orientation from a scientific perspective. Gay men never were attracted to women, they did not leave a natural attraction to women. Their natural attraction was always, and always will be to men. Hope this opens a new window as you seek to understand where all people are coming from.

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Steve and Jonathan, Thank you for your response. Good questions. The problem I see is, that such a distinction what is natural for a heterosexual vs. And if so, you would most likely call it a sin. I believe that the way you interpret that verse creates a double standard: For heterosexual men, it is a sin to have sex with a man; but for homosexual men, it is not. I have not known for God to have double standards. Again, for me, it is the act itself which God considers destructive, which I think is what Romans 1 is getting at. And just because something seems natural from a very young age on, does not mean it is good.

There are many things which at that age seem natural and right lying, crying to get attention, hitting others, etc. Never made it right though.

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There are things which are good that seem natural early on already. It is shaky ground and questionable logic. With all this, I keep on trying to be as respectful of such people as possible. And we cannot simple talk about it solely from a emotional or biblical or scientific or psychological or spiritual standpoint. I am moved and encouraged, Daniel, by your desire to be respectful and loving in your response to me, or anyone else. I am disappointed that you jumped onto a limb that I did not address directly. My whole point was that Paul seems to be talking about something other than homosexuality here because he talks about men leaving their natural inclinations, pretending to be something they are not.

Like I said at the first of my first post. My community are the friendly people. In the area where I live we have had people killed for being who GOD made them. GOD makes you a wondrous creation and then expects you to follow him and allow him to make you all you can be and ever would aspire to be. Out of everything he loved us most to give us this wondrous gift. I grew up on a rural farm where we earn what we have by the sweat of your brow. The lusting, longing and unlawful relations however is wrong, BUT, it is also wrong to do these things if you are heterosexual as well.

I have a gay Mennonite best friend that I have grown up with and known all my life I went to a Mennonite school until high school level , we both know that we do indeed love each other. We would love to stop committing a daily sin by not admitting the truth and be who GOD made us. Instead, we work at the same job together side by side and never say a word. How would you feel? How hard would it be to lie to yourself and GOD about who you really were.

We are all human with feelings and comparing people to some horrid drug addicts, pedophiles, rapists and the like for something they did not choose nor can they change is wrong. Besides in the end, only GOD can sit in judgement of his children.

Telling your personal journey takes time and lots of commitment to truth as you have lived it — Thank you! Thank you very much for your personal story and your courage. You are be commended for your attitude and have every right to be who you are with full respect by all of us. I wish you well. Daniel, It took as much courage for you to share as it did for this reverend. Thank you for sharing!

We are to have the mind of Christ, not of this earth. The Lord wants to show Himself to all those who are humble and contrite of heart. MCUSA needs this testimony and these responses right now that we might better see where we are on this issue. Of course I have not read nearly all of them.

Deus caritas est (December 25, ) | BENEDICT XVI

Women in leadership was the issue then. Now technology offers another avenue. Daniel, my heart was growing very heavy after reading all these posts going against plain Biblical instruction. It seemed like a 2 Timothy convention. Then, I read your posts and I was encouraged. Thank you for presenting the truth in a respectful and intelligent way! Keep on striving to honor God above all else.

Why God Deserves a Second Chance

William Craig has written some great books and one I have been especially encouraged by is found here. Wenger will do the same. If this is accepted, then every sin that is listed in the Bible must also be accepted. I agree that you must be living to all sinners but you must not endorse the sin. Yes we should follow the law of the Bible by not being gay, not wearing poly-cotton blends, forcing women who were sexually assaulted to marry their rapist, never eating shellfish, etc.

I am not a member of the Mennonite Church. This is a beautiful letter. Thank you for your thoughtful and inspiring testimony. I hope it encourages other respected leaders in the Mennonite church to carefully consider their own position on the issue. As a biology major, it well known that there is homosexuality throughout nature.

So it is natural that it also exists in humans. Our youngest son is gay, not by choice, but something he was endowed with from birth. He has said that he is not hiding the fact that he is homosexual, but that there is no reason why he would choose to be gay.

It is the way he is created. I love my son and will always support him. Thank you, dear brother Chester. Your letter is beautiful and generous and loving. You and your family are a gift to us all.