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At the same time, I have no desire to quietly sit and listen to something I find completely objectionable if I am not able to inject reality into the discussion. Years ago I sat through a sermon that extolled the virtues and qualifications of George Wallace for President.

Thankfully few Americans were well impressed despite a intransigent clergy and Mr. Sadly, and to my mind illogically, those voices are still with us, and Mr. I continue to believe in the basic goodness of people, though I had expected the pendulum to stop its rightward swing long before now.

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He is an opportunistic, sociopathic grifter. And this supposed review is little more than a fawning retread of a sad, reactionary, hypocritical, and largely debunked ideology. How demeaning of the Skeptics Society to publish this. Sorry, but there were 3 links about that particular Zoe Quinn item. One is linked as footnote [32], and the others are clickable words within the body of the article.

I challenged the idea that Gamergate was an online campaign of harassment against women. Gamergate is an abstract concept. This article made a false accusation of what that concept means to the people involved in it. Good luck. He's despised bc he is a despicable human being. Between his transphobia, ableism, misogyny, Islamophobia, and racism, he is the pinnacle of what it means to be a horrible human being. And this so-called "review", which is little more than fawning over his words, as if the writer is in love with Milo. No, it's probably more a case of the writer agreeing with the crap Milo writes.

Interestingly enough, the writer just seems to take at face value the numerous claims that are made in the book without any interest in evaluating the truth of those claims. So for example, if someone says they were raped by a partner every day for a fortnight, officers will record 14 potential crimes. In other countries the claim could be logged as a single incident.

Whereas jobs in STEM fields lead to new technology, which open up new avenues of revenue. Could it be that the value assigned to these roles is also a product of patriarchal influence? And could it be that money is easier to quantify than happiness? And, could it be that, true to sexist stereotypes, women in general are more keyed-in to the importance of emotion, whereas men are less inclined to, or at least less inclined to admit it? Why is pediatrics inherently less valuable than elective surgery? Skeptic magazine should be embarrassed publishing this tripe. They desired to point out propaganda, misinformation and cultural indoctrination.

They critiqued mass produced culture. They were part of of a separate strand of cultural thought from Identity Politics; which at any rate came from South Carolina and specifically a black lesbian feminist named Barbara Smith of the Combahee River Collective — nothing to freakin do with The Frankfurt School:. Hell — Adorno was actually protested by feminists. Academic freedom and freedom of speech should allow for people of all ideologies including Marxists, right or wrong. There is even a video of Marcuse saying that The Frankfurt School aimed to call out liberalism and progressivism as having repressive and regressive elements.

There is active deception about them perpetuated by the alt-right; and now by Skeptic Magazine for shame. They are the ones that created and continue to use their identity to push their agenda since the election. Those obviously reflect his very deep personal issues and his internal conflict of him being both deeply religious and a homosexual. If anything, Milo reminds us that trolls who engage in this sort of hurtful behavior have some serious issues that need to be resolved. I would very much enjoy the latter.

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What a waste of a good magazine. No matter how you feel about the quality, liberals dominate TV and movies because compared to the conservatives they are brimming over with talent, imagination, and wit. Keep it in the bedroom, where it belongs.

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I have started to read his book, mostly because it appears that most of the mainstream media does not want me too. I am a well educated straight, white, 60 year old male who is pro capitalism and pro western culture. I am really enjoying his outrageous take on pretty much every thing.

Having instructed college level business classes at a state university I can vouch for how accurate his assertions are in this regard… Yes, snowflakes abound there. If you feel the world has gotten a little crazy with identity politics, absurd PC overload, and fake news. You will really enjoy this read. Long live Milo!

The main reason jobs like teacher or nurse make less than steelworkers or truck drivers is that teachers and nurses were mostly women and anything women did HAD to be less valuable than anything men did. Now, defend my free speech and my right to a million dollar book contract. This is a deeply flawed book review.

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The reviewer did neither, instead opting to recite the author without a hint of incredulity. Yiannopolos shouts his rantings into the ether with the authority and verisimilitude of an idiot savant. And cursory exploration of his facts fall apart rather quickly—much like any Brietbart fustian trying to masquerade as news. Tell me this is some kind of reverse Sokal hoax. Is there an editor that would like to take responsibility for publishing this?

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I hold Skeptic to a higher standard. By the way, the reviewer, an associate professor of criminal justice! A good review, that many in the Ctrl-Left should read to understand how they have created and boosted the Alt-Right. Being a skeptic should mean thorougly investigating in particular those statements that support the opinion you already have.

This is where the author completely lost me, and his very last shred of anything resembling credibility. If you look at what was done to Ms. Death threats, threats of rape, the worst possible racial slurs, and much, much more, this is what was hurled en masse at Ms. Jones, all at the urging of Yiannopoulos. This is a far, far cry from mere trolling. All in all, this was incredibly disappointing, but hopefully Skeptic will use the feedback here as an object lesson to raise its editorial standards.

Is that stance just for show or is it genuine? Apart from that, he makes a very compelling case for his arguments, which are linked to notes! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how Akismet processes your comment data. Comments are closed 45 days after an article is published.

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