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Did you think life insurance only provides financial support in case of an unfortunate event? Think again! Maturity benefits can save and grow your money too. All Rights Reserved.

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Home Financial Planning Short term investment options for high returns. Short term investment options for high returns. Related: ETFs: 6 Reasons they make an excellent instrument for investors Your go-to option might be a regular savings bank account but the returns these instruments offer are lower than most others, with the primary benefit being only safety. Here are six great short-term investment with high returns that you need to look into now: 1. Bank fixed deposits Bank fixed deposits are secure investments, and you can park your money in a fixed deposit anywhere from 30 days to 10 years.

Therefore, know what your investment horizon is before proceeding. Related: Simple ways in which you can diversify your financial portfolio 2. Money market accounts Popularly known as liquid funds, money market accounts are a special category of mutual funds, which invest in several money market instruments such as term deposits, commercial papers, etc. Gold or silver Have you noticed your parents love to buy gold during Diwali?

Short term debt funds Short-term debt funds are managed conservatively with the sole aim of securing capital and providing good returns without the fear of market volatility. Large cap mutual funds Large cap mutual funds invest in equity or stocks of large companies to achieve good growth in a short period of time.

To summarise: Sr. No Types of short term investment options Risk level Tenure for investment 1 Bank fixed deposits Low-risk Minimum of 7 days and maximum of 10 years 2 Recurring deposits Low-risk Minimum of 6 months and maximum of 10 years 3 Savings account Low-risk No tenure here 4 Money market account Low-risk As little as one day to as much as 90 days or higher 5 Gold or Silver Low-risk Any 6 Short term debt funds Low-risk Anywhere from a month to six months or more depending on your goals 7 Large cap mutual funds Higher risk compared to the others Start with a minimum tenure of 3 years Learn about these short term investment plans with high returns to make your money grow and successfully meet your financial goals.

Tags : financial advice. Log in or register to post comments. Get inspired: men and women who went from rags to riches. How prepared are you to meet your child's education cost? And that's only if you tie your money up for a full decade or more, with little or no chance of capital appreciation. If you need higher returns, including some potential for growth, you will need to look for assets that provide a comfortable balance of high return and low risk. Low risk means that there is a reduced chance of losing your principal, but one that may be offset by a higher return than you will get from investments that are completely risk-free.

Fortunately, there are more than a few worthwhile investments that qualify as high return and low risk. And you can get even higher returns on some of these investments if you hold them in a Roth IRA.

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Not only will that enable your investments to grow on a tax-deferred basis, but when the time comes to begin making withdrawals, you can receive them on a tax-free basis. Dividend-Paying Stocks. There are plenty of companies that pay dividend yields that are much higher than what you can get on completely risk-free investments.

8 Strategies That Offer High Return With Low Risk

Dividend-paying stocks also have one major advantage over risk-free investments, in that they enable you to participate in capital gains. That's in addition to the dividend income that you receive. Though they may bounce some in the short run, the combination of dividend income and capital gains can provide impressive long-term investment results. Dividend-paying stocks are not totally risk-free, of course, but they tend to be far less risky than other stocks. Part of that is because they tend to be better known, better established companies. Not only have they been around longer than most other companies, but they also usually have a long history of paying dividends.

High dividends also provide a strong measure of protection from price fluctuations during bear markets. While the market may hammer growth stocks, dividend stocks are less vulnerable to deep declines precisely because of the dividend. That's at least partially because dividend paying stocks become more popular with investors during bear markets, since capital gains are harder to come by. In addition, a generous dividend makes it easier for an investor to hold a stock through a declining market.

Also, as bear markets drop stock prices in general, the yield on a dividend stock goes up. That makes the stock more attractive to new investors, and can make dividend-paying stocks among the best performers early in a new bull market.

Funds, Pricing and Performance

In addition, if a company is forced to reduce dividends, it must first kill the dividend to the common stock before the preferred stock making them an appealing option for part of your income portfolio. Preferred stocks are just what the name implies: stocks with a preference ahead of common stocks. For example, when a company declares a dividend, preferred stockholders must be paid ahead of common stockholders. Preferred stocks are practically a hybrid between common stocks and bonds.

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This is because preferred stocks have more predictable dividend income. For example, a preferred stock generally has a certain dividend level, while common stock dividends will only be paid upon declaration by the Board of Directors — which can also decide to either reduce or even eliminate the dividends of common stock. Preferred stock status is even more important when a company has fallen on bad times, and particularly when there is a possibility liquidation. Stockholders in general are a paid only after bondholders and other creditors of the company are paid.

But preferred stockholders will be paid ahead of common stockholders.

8 High-Risk Investments That Could Double Your Money

In fact, should a company suspended its dividend entirely, preferred shareholders are entitled to receive dividend payments in arrears before common stockholders begin receiving any. Naturally, dividend yield will be important for preferred stocks. Generally speaking, preferred stocks pay higher dividend yields than their common stock brethren.

Best Short-Term Investment Options (for high return 🚀)

Once again, this is not an investment recommendation, but an example. This is largely the result of the financial meltdown a few years ago, when banks became very hesitant to make personal loans , particularly to individuals and small businesses. From an investment standpoint, P2P has provided welcome interest rate relief from the near zero interest rates that have existed at least since The net result has been people coming to online lending platforms and securing loans for various purposes. But on the back end, those loans are being funded by individual investors.

The two parties "meet" on P2P sites, and agree to work out loan terms. So when certain companies or sectors are struggling, plenty of others are doing fine. Back to the point. There is more risk and uncertainty picking high yielding stocks to achieve your income goal. And over time you might be missing out on the holy grail of investing — an effortlessly growing income stream which needs zero management from the investor. Given the risk of uncertainty of picking a few high yield stocks, some investors then seek out high yield funds instead.

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On the surface, this makes total sense. It takes away the risk of picking your own stocks, outsources the effort and offers some diversification. There are simply too many funds to cover. This is a highly active fund which buys and sells stocks around their dividend dates to collect the highest possible dividends and franking credits throughout the year.

While Betashares has some perfectly fine funds, including low cost index options, this is not one of them. In my opinion, this fund is an absolute piece of garbage. How about the income stream? Well, the first few monthly distributions were around cents each. The last two payments were around 10 cents each.