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Audioventura - Numbers [Alter Ego] Bonobo - Kerala [Ninja Tune] 2. Stereo Underground - Sleepless [Crossfrontier Audio] 4. Joris Voorn - Esquape [Green] 6. Quivver - Lights Down Pt. The December episode of Jaytech Music is a two hour selection of our favourite tracks from the throughout the year. Team Jaytech wishes you all a safe and merry Christmas, and a hearty thanks for listening to the show in Jaytech - Paragon [ZeroThree]2.

Jaytech - Alpha [Positronic]5. Spencer Brown - Wannamaker [Anjunabeats]6. Notaker - Gems [Monstercat] Kailin Sedi Remix [Positronic] Jaytech - Tiny Love feat. Dino Rano - Besaid [Macarize] BlueBird - Tyler Durden Jaytech - Yugen Reddfield Remix [Positronic] Jaytech - Awakening Club Mix [Positronic] Jaytech - Zulu [Positronic] Guest mix this month comes courtesy of Netherlands producer trio Envotion.

Max Ruby - Diesel House [Intricate] 2. Joshi feat. Mivase - Wait For You [Intricate] 4. BOg - Hacienda [Tarnished Tracks] 6. Notaker - Gems [Monstercat] 7. Josep - Love Spreadin' [Anjunabeats] 8. SourCream feat. Marcus Santoro - Melbourne [Alter Ego Envotion - ID [ID] 3. Envotion - ID [ID] 4. Pete K - Lotus [Proton] 5. Tinlicker - Maandag [ZeroThree] 6.

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Fat Sushi - Citadel [Hive Audio] 7. Rolo Green - Raven [Greenstone] 8. Eric Prydz - Som Sas [Pryda] 9. Envotion - ID [ID] Third Party - Alive [Release]. Kyohei Akagawa - Kaikisen [Otographic]7. Jaytech - Hyperloop [ZeroThree]9. Mehdi Belkadi - U [Alter Ego] D-Formation - Balkia [Suara]7. Push - Strange World [Inferno]9. Tim Mason - Serum [ZeroThree] Genix - Orca [Anjunabeats] Jaytech - ID 1 [ID]3. Jaytech - ID 2 [ID]4. Jaytech - ID 3 [ID]5. Jaytech - ID 4 [ID]6. Jaytech - ID 5 [ID]7. Jaytech - ID 6 [ID]8. Jaytech - ID 7 [ID]9.

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Jaytech - ID 8 [ID] Jaytech - ID 9 [ID] Monika Kruse, Voodooamt - Highway No. Matt Fax - Horizon [Colorize]8. La Fleur - Waves [Watergate Records]9. Pete K - Pathos [White] Sam Laxton - Chinami [Encanta]3. Eleven Fly - Caramel [Silk Music]5. Soundprank - Rhombot [Zerothree]6.

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Julian Wess - Gallery [sunsetmelodies]7. Julian Wess - Capture [sunsetmelodies] Max Ruby - Meldonium [Intricate Records]3.

Grum - You'll Know [Anjunabeats]7. Alexey Sonar - Umba [Intricate Records] Jagin - Tell Me [Intricate Records] Guest mix this month courtesy of San Francisco based producer Eskai. Dezza - March of the Bird [Positronic] 2.

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Max Ruby - Mars and Jupiter [Intricate] 3. Dezza - True [Silk Music] 5. Richard Bass - Symmetry [sunsetmelodies] 6. Alexey Sonar - Umba [Intricate] 8. Eskai - ID [Silk] 2. Mrmilkcarton - Let Go [Adrenalin Room] 4. Jhana - Find Yourself [Ride] 7. In Gray - Sleeping Lions [Anjunabeats] 8. Jaytech - Djembe [Anjunabeats] 9. The Assistants feat. Bobbie Wall Eskai Remix [Popride] Matt Darey feat. Eskai feat. Ashworth - Lost [Anjunadeep] 3. Spencer Brown - Wannamaker [Anjunabeats] 4.

BlueBird - Tyler Durden [Mondo] 5. Gregory Esayan - Make A Wish eleven. Bee Hunter - The Ride [sunsetmelodies] 7. Jaytech - Zulu [Positronic] Kailin - Visions Sedi Remix [Positronic] 2. Sedi vs Kaskade feat.


Skylane - Blueshift [Adrenalin Room] 6. Daun Giventi - Sutra [Enhanced] 7. Xanwow - Lifestory [ESM] 9. Daun Giventi - Mammoth [Adrenalin Room] Westlake - Petra [Adrenalin Room] The May episode of Jaytech Music features new tracks from the likes of Fon. Leman, eleven.

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Jaytech - Alpha [Positronic] 2. Mike Sanders - Jet Lag eleven. Creative 5 - 99' at Night [Intricate Records] 4. Martin Peter - Rattrap [Encanta] 5. Haxxy - Phrygia [Intricate Records] 8. Novan - Quasar Max Freegrant Remix Local Heroes - [Bolted Recordings] Dezza - ID [ID] 2.

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Mambo Brothers - Momento [Toolroom] 4. Paride Saraceni - Burning Feat. Monce [Truesoul] 6. Sam Davies - Summit [Macarize] 7. Basti Grub, Natch! Soundprank - Obsidian [Zerothree] Dezza - ID [ID] Dusky - Ingrid Is a Hybrid [17 Steps]. The April edition of Jaytech is the th show! Kailin - Visions Club Mix [Positronic]4. Jaytech - Great Divide [Anjunabeats]7.

Jaytech - Paragon [Zerothree]8. Jaytech - Megastructure [Anjunabeats] Haxxy - Mind Reader [Intricate] Igor Voevodin - Atomic [Freegrant Music] Soundprank - Legion [Anjunabeats] Matt Fax - Tumble [Positronic] Jaytech - Odyssey [Positronic] Erik FourEyes - Deux [Positronic] Alexx Rave - Endurance B.

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Jaytech - Yugen [Positronic] Sudhaus - Octagon [Silk]2. Oliver Smith - Your Love [Anjunabeats]3. Jaytech - Paragon [Zerothree]4. Dezza - Brit [Silk]5. Haxxy - Mind Reader [Intricate Records]8. Talamanca - Stardust [Encanta]9. Notaker - Subweapon [Positronic]2. Capa - Endor [Zerothree]6. Notaker - Feel the Rain [Zerothree]7.