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Account Wishlist Log In. Bach et J. SKU: sfuz Edition : Edition originale, , Copies manuscrites de Bach et Walther. The three essential sources of this superb work are combined here in the same folder: the original edition, and the copies by J. Bach and J. In spite of careless engraving the original edition is the most authentic source. Bach's copy respects the original text and corrects all the slight engraving mistakes but also showss in some details a lack of familiarity with certain French ornaments and their traditional phrasing.

Preface by: Philippe Lescat: biography of N. Pierre Hardouin: N. Jean Saint-Arroman: hints on reading the score and performance the engraving of the original edition, Grigny's music in the context of the period, N de Grigny's writing, details of notation, accidentals, phrasing and fingering, ornamentation, tempi, registrations. Collection supervised by the musicologist Jean Saint-Arroman.

Duo 4. Cormorne ou tierce en taille 5. Dessus de cromorne ou de trompette 7. Dialogue 8. Trio 5. Dialogue 6. Plein jeu 7. Plein jeu. Suite im 6. Fugue 2. Duo 33 5. Basse 34 6.

Suite im 1. Fugue grave 38 3. Duo 40 5. Basse 41 6.

Plein jeu 1. Trio 3. Tierce en taille 4. Basse de trompette 5. Duo 7. Grand jeu 8. Grand jeu. Disk 8 von 22 Suite im 1. Grand plein jeu 1.

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Duo 3. Trio 4. Dialogue sur les grands jeux 7. Dialogue sur les grands jeux. Basse de cromorne 4. Caprice sur les grands jeux 7. Caprice sur les grands jeux. Trio 2.

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Petit plein jeu 7. Petit plein jeu. Tierce en taille 2. Suite im 3. Quatuor 2. Dialogue de voix humaine 3. Basse de trompette et dessus de cornet 4. Basse de trompette et dessus de cornet 33 5. Duo 34 6. Grand jeu 35 7.

Suite im 4. Ton 36 1. Plein jeu 37 2.

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Cromorne en taille 38 3. Duo 39 4. Basse de cromorne 40 5. Libraries may archive issues of JSCM in electronic or paper form for public access so long as each issue is stored in its entirety, and no access fee is charged. Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music. Return to text Notes 1.

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Return to text 4. Return to text Account in the Mercure Galant Father Gardien, in the company of his officers and around thirty monks, arrived at the church of Port-Royal on the morning of the feast day. They began by chanting Terce, and then High Mass was sung with all the ceremonies of the great convent, and several accompanied motets to the Blessed Sacrament, Saint Margaret, and for the king, following which Sext was sung Nones and vespers were sung at the usual time in plainchant and fauxbourdon A salut en musique [i.

Nicolas de Grigny (1672-1703): Complete Works for Organ / André Isoir, organ

It was sung by the same Fathers who performed the entire service of the day. All Rights Reserved. ISSN: X Items appearing in JSCM may be saved and stored in electronic or paper form, and may be shared among individuals for purposes of scholarly research or discussion, but may not be republished in any form, electronic or print, without prior, written permission from the Editor-in-Chief of JSCM.