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Like many innovative ideas, the spark for the cross-country trek came up on a run. At first, she would only lace up in the early morning hours when no one would see her—a testament to her passion to run, since those were the years the Zodiac killer was still on the loose in the city.

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But her confidence grew as she progressed from a single block to a mile and then to marathons. She had even been tossing around the idea of a cross-country run for years before Merrill brought it up that day in the park, though her idea had never come to fruition. As Merrill and Marsh continued their Saturday-morning run, their enthusiasm grew. Merrill had only been running for six years at the time, but it was something she knew she could do.

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As they downed their favorite postrun drinks—a Pepsi for Merrill, a beer for Marsh—the idea became a spark that caught fire: Why stop at Michigan when they could run clear across the country? The idea was unimaginable, but she had pushed passed that kind of barrier before. I showed him.

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  • I showed him then, too. Then, with the help of Don Bajema, the coach of their local running club, the Dolphin South End Runners , they planned out what their runs would look like on the road: Fifteen miles in the morning and 15 more after lunch—17 minutes of running interspersed with three minutes of walking.

    Once the logistics were figured out, training took center stage as they upped their mileage from 40 a week. They started completing three-week cycles, where they would run mile weeks for two weeks, and then 30 miles for six days a week—a mile week—on the third.

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    The training was intense and time-consuming. Marsh, who had taken early retirement, had the time to dedicate her entire life to the training. Following the advice of long distance runners in the area, Marsh and Merrill competed in any local marathon or ultramarathon they could gain entry into. On one occasion, they competed in the Reno Marathon and drove to Stockton to run that marathon the following day. Marsh even completed an organized group run from Los Angeles to San Francisco—a mile trek—during the training build-up. For two years, Merrill and Marsh sacrificed and dedicated their lives to the goal in order to be prepared for the rigors ahead.

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    Even with hours of planning and thousands of miles on foot ahead of them, Merrill and Marsh never wavered in the pursuit, which was about to take on an even bigger meaning. The news inspired Merrill and Marsh, who dedicated their run to honor that event. So on April 14, , Marsh, Merrill, and Wydler took their first steps on the 3,mile journey on the streets of Boston—not on the route of the Marathon, as they originally hoped, but at the local Greyhound station instead.

    We were not at the back of the pack, we were the pack! But after they set out, tensions rose among the group, and physical injuries popped up, too: Shin splints , foot problems, severe blisters , and even a broken tooth are just some of the issues the group dealt with throughout the trip. But despite the physical and emotional toll the miles took on the runners, the mission remained at the forefront.

    We never thought about not running. Then, with just over 1, miles remaining in the trek, Wydler suffered from an injury that derailed her journey. By the time they reached Salt Lake City, she and her boyfriend flew back to San Francisco so she could heal. She never complained about her physical problems, and I tried to suppress mine.

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