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Books are printed in black-and-white with a limited number of illustrations, yet they are easy on the eyes with a large casual-style font. The sixth bookI adds some color, especially for like terms so that students can easily identify them. There are frequent work sheets and occasional timed tests. Each chapter concludes with a test, and there is a final test.

Answers with solutions for worksheets and tests are at the back of the book. They were purposely included so that students could check their own answers and discover where they might have gone wrong. Since they include solutions, the answer keys have a substantial number of pages. You might need to remove those pages if your child might be tempted to take shortcuts by looking at answers and solutions too soon. Worksheets and tests often have lesson material on the reverse side so you cannot remove those pages.

The publisher is aware of this issue and has made printable worksheets and tests for each volume available for free on their website. The publisher generously authorizes you to reuse books over and over if you wish. If you choose to photocopy worksheets or tests, that is allowed. If you have an older student who is serious about learning, they might work through the book independently, writing directly in the book and self-checking as they go.

By page 79, it has covered up through four-digit addends, minuends, and subtrahends along with the skills of carrying and borrowing.

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It continues through multiplication and division, also teaching these together since they are so closely related. It teaches up through long division with two-digit divisors. Decimals are taught in this section, and they are sometimes included in the divisor or dividend of a problem. Basic computation skills are covered in the first three of four chapters.

The smaller fourth chapter has four lessons on standard measurements. A student completing the first volume will have covered the most important math skills taught through third grade. There are no diversions to cover geometry, graphs, the calendar, telling time or other topics typically thrown into the mix for the primary grades. With only pages of text, worksheets, and tests this is an efficient way to cover basic computation skills.

It concludes with a final chapter on positive and negative numbers. With pages of text, worksheets, and tests, students can complete this book rather quickly if they grasp the concepts, yet it covers key concepts taught in both grades 4 and 5. Again, this is accomplished in only pages of text, worksheets, and tests. Content of this book is similar to some of what you find in other texts for grades six, seven, and eight, and it goes farther than most in its instruction on slopes and intercept. This enables the text to apply algebraic skills in geometry, although they are not required very often in the relatively brief pages of text in this volume.

A small kit of manipulatives comes with this text to help provide a more concrete learning experience. The final chapter of this book addresses the metric system. The content of this book reflects geometry instruction that shows up in grades 3 through 7 in other texts. Students using the first four volumes in this series are likely to be tackling algebra at least by eighth grade if not sooner, so a less challenging approach makes sense. Students also work with the distributive law of multiplication, factoring, prime factors, working with polynomials and solving quadratic equations.

There's even an introduction to functions. This book has pages. The result is a lower barrier to entry for studying math concepts. We looked at 20 other math books for girls.

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It focuses on providing math learning options that work best just before bed. That way, you can still introduce concepts and challenge your kid while preparing for bed. It also makes introducing math concepts a daily part of your lives. This book has more than math riddles provided in a format that is highly valued throughout multiple rereads.

Grade 2 » Introduction

It is also the first book in a series, making it possible to continue the learning process for a long time. It includes more than different math riddles. Each one has three levels of difficulty based on age groups, as well as a bonus question for high achievers. It can keep your kids challenged for many years to come while providing an enjoyable format for them to learn in.

Goodnight, Numbers. Goodnight, Numbers is a New York Times Bestseller and can be used to subtly teach your kids about math. It incorporates counting and math games into a familiar story to help kids practice their skills while enjoying a bedtime story. The book is highly praised by reviewers for its combination of effective and subtle math problems combined with an overall story that kids genuinely enjoy. Finding the right math book can make a big difference in how kids learn. It was designed by a team of teachers to use effective teaching methods and to meet national and state standards.

One of the best features is its versatility. It can be used at home or in a classroom setting so that kids learn in a consistent environment.

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Basic Math Skills, Grade 3. The book covers Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Numbers, Operations, and several other concepts that form the foundations of larger math concepts. The pages in this book have activities that can be done alone or in groups, and they are easily reproducible.

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That way, everyone in the class can have a copy. The book has a tearaway cover and pages, which makes it easy to remove and turn in completed work. There are pages, and each one has 25 problems on it. This makes them easy to grade since each question is worth four points.

Daily Word Problems, Grade 4. Daily Word Problems, Grade 4 provides a different take on math problems.

Instead of focusing on numbers, it uses word problems to challenge students. These problems use a broad range of topics like sports, materials, and animals to introduce and practice new math concepts. It is a great way to practice math skills while reinforcing reading and literacy skills at the same time.

Kids experience the content in a number of different ways including reading and understanding graphs. It is an easy and fun way to learn the essentials girls need to know to succeed in school. It includes a variety of addition and subtraction problems. It provides a way of teaching basic math concepts through the lens of cooking.

There are more than 30 activities that you can do, and all of them are repeatable. This book focuses on math, logic, and reasoning skills through word problems and basic math problems using imagery. It shows them ways of doing common math operations quickly and easily while helping them memorize different math operations. Using games and exercises, your kids can practice different math skills while finding new ways of making math easier and more accessible. Skill Sharpeners Math, Grade 5. It includes work for division, complex word problems, decimals, and fractions among other options.

As a paperback book, it is lightweight and fits into a book bag. That way, your kid can use it at school or at home without adding another heavy book to carry around. The problems include illustrations to help learners understand the concepts being taught. It is also affordable so that you can get multiple for a group or a class. Amazing Visual Math.

If you have a kid that is a visual learner, then she can benefit from Amazing Visual Math. It is designed for early age learners and focuses on the core concepts of math subjects. However, it takes an entirely visual approach to teaching. Many of the concepts use shapes, diagrams, and other visualizations that kids can interact with to explore.

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For example, the 3D shapes section has pieces that kids can fold into the shapes inside the book. That way, they can see how the shapes are constructed and how they work. Hot X: Algebra Exposed! This book contains shortcuts for answering problems but also focuses on demonstrating the use of the different concepts using real-world examples. This makes understanding Algebra easier since the material is more palatable for kids.

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Volume 1 is focused on the basics of equations including the different components and how to use different types of numbers in equations. It also talks about the development and interpretation of graphs in different situations. Helping a kid prepare for a math contest can be difficult since they often include a diverse range of problems and topics. It contains problems that reflect all of the subjects and problem types for the Math Olympiad, which lets your kid learn a variety of math subjects.