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Crano , Klaus Fiedler.

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This book explores what social psychology can contribute to our understanding of real-life problems and how it can inform rational interventions in any area of social life. By reviewing some of the most recent achievements in applying social psychology to pressing contemporary problems, Forgas,…. Gullibility, whether we like it or not, is a fundamental characteristic of human beings. In The Social Psychology of Gullibility, Forgas and Baumeister explore what we know about the causes, functions, and consequences of gullibility, and the social psychological processes that promote or inhibit….

Forgas , Roy F. How to live well and the search for meaning have long been of intense concern to humans, perhaps because Homo sapiens is the only species aware of its own mortality. In the last few decades, empirical psychology made a major contribution to this quest. This book surveys groundbreaking work by…. Forgas , Klaus Fiedler , Constantine Sedikides. The connection between mental and social life remains one of the most intriguing topics in all of psychology. This book reviews some of the most recent advances in research exploring the links between how people think and behave in interpersonal situations.

The chapters represent a variety of…. Forgas , Lee Jussim , Paul A. Van Lange. The faculty to think and act in terms of overarching moral values is as much a defining…. Forgas , Joel Cooper , William D. Human beings have a unique ability to create elaborate predispositions and evaluations based on their social experiences. The concept of attitudes is central to understanding how experience gives rise to these predispositions, and psychologists have spent the best part of the past years trying….

Baumeister , Dianne M. The ability to regulate and control our behaviors is a key accomplishment of the human species, yet the psychological mechanisms involved in self-regulation remain incompletely understood. This book presents contributions from leading international researchers who survey the most recent…. Forgas , Julie Fitness. Human beings are an intrinsically gregarious species - our personal relationships are of immense interest to us and are a key factor in achieving happiness and well being.

From the moment of birth, humans crave love and intimacy and we devote much energy to creating and maintaining successful….

Social psychology

Edited by Kipling D. Williams , Joseph P. Forgas , William Von Hippel.

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This book focuses on the ubiquitous and powerful effects of ostracism, social exclusion, rejection, and bullying. Human beings are an intrinsically gregarious species. Most of our evolutionary success is no doubt due to our highly developed ability to cooperate and interact with each other.

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It is…. Forgas , Klaus Fiedler , William D. Social psychology and politics are intricately related, and understanding how humans manage power and govern themselves is one of the key issues in psychology. This volume surveys the latest theoretical and empirical work on the social psychology of politics, featuring cutting-edge research from a….

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Forgas , Martie G. Haselton , William von Hippel. Forgas , Eddie Harmon-Jones. It is motivation that drives all our daily endeavors, and it is motivation, or the lack of it, that accounts for most of our successes and failures. Motivation, however, needs to be carefully controlled and regulated to be effective. What makes social psychology social is that it focuses on how people are affected by other people.

In particular, social psychology is the scientific investigation of attitudes, feelings and behaviour, and the interactions between these components. A fundamental goal of social psychology is to understand the factors that shape people's interpersonal relationships and their experiences in the social world. Home Our research Research areas Chemistry Geosciences History and philosophy of science Life and environmental sciences Mathematics and statistics Physics Psychology Veterinary sciences.

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Social Cognition and Perception

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Research groups. Dr Frances Doyle Social cognitive theory e. How long do placebo and nocebo effects last? How do cues influence reward-seeking behaviour? Do we need to be aware for learning to occur? How does variability affect our learning? Professor Robert Boakes Activity and body weight in rats or humans Dr Michael Bowen Novel pharmacotherapies for psychiatric and neurological disorders Treatments targeting the brain oxytocin system Treatments targeting extrasynaptic GABAA receptors Substance-use disorders and social disorders e.