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The material consists of a sample of course descriptions from the s to this year which are used for tracing the evolution and development of our courses at the University of Helsinki Language Centre, contrasted with 94 CEFR self-assessments my students have completed at the beginning of their faculty-specific English courses English Academic and Professional Skills and 20 interviews by our former students who have gathered experience of professional language needs.

Based on the results, the Language Centre has clearly developed the courses towards the right direction, focusing more on the productive skills the students. The results will be used as background material for planning the future courses to be taught as a result of the so-called Big Wheel restructuring which will be implemented in This process gives us a new possibility to reassess what we teach and how we do it.

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The Course Assistant Programme is for all international students from all the faculties of the University of Helsinki who are interested in supporting language teaching. However, the situation can vary from year to year depending e.

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  7. The aim of the programme is integrating international students into our University community, giving them the possibility to meet local students, internationalization at home for the Finnish students and bringing new aspects into language teaching and learning. The assistants diversify. The feedback collected has shown that the students, the assistants and the teachers all gain especially from the social and cultural dimension of this kind of language learning.

    The students get used to not only hearing native speakers and developing their oral skills, but also have a better opportunity to develop intercultural competence in a real time manner. Critical cultural awareness is raised in an atmosphere where everyone can ask questions, discover and create new knowledge together. In the long run, it is a growth process which changes the nature of language learning profoundly. It proposes to develop understanding and appreciation of different cultural perspectives and values. The course has progressively grown in terms of numbers and in the current Academic Year demand doubled, resulting in the MLC offering two parallel classes a Semester.

    Michele Strogoff Da Mosca a Irkutsk by Jules Verne

    One of the objectives of the Module is to carry out a small-scale ethnographic project with a clear intercultural focus Roberts, , The learning process aims at developing awareness of cultural differences in dealing with both practical and abstract matters. Students learn to explore their own culture, including their academic culture, and to.

    The students taking the module have expressed how class reflections and discussions helped them setting in a new learning environment.

    La valutazione del corso si basa su di un progetto etnografico di 4. Questo progetto fa incrociarsi due lingue — il francese e il tedesco — due tradizioni accademiche e di didattica, e ambisce a fare degli studenti, futuri professionali di Legge, dei mediatori culturali di terreno. Academic LSP courses have become an environment that particularly suits critical thinking practice.

    Our aim is to present and analyze activities carried out for the purposes of critical thinking development in a course of Legal French offered by the Masaryk University Language Centre Brno, Czech Republic. The activities are based on navigation in an online database of French legal texts. Their objectives vary, students may seek laws and court decisions according to the given criteria, analyze them, reconstruct procedures or present facts on a time axis.

    Differences in form and substance between the two national systems are also compared and discussed. The paper also explicitly considers processes that develop and strengthen critical thinking, namely work with concepts, creation of a problem schema, construction of shared knowledge and an interdependent way of thinking. Students face an increasing need to deal with information overload, growing expectations and competition not only during their studies, but also in their approximating practice.

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    To succeed in school and later at work, they need specific skills — to orient in, process and apply information available to them from utterly unfathomable resources, and what is more, in multiple languages. Therefore, mastering foreign languages provides them with a competitive advantage to succeed or excel in school or at the job market.

    Traditional language teaching methods still widely applied, frontal teaching or accent on grammar perfection and drills to name a few, become inefficient for the globally interconnected world of the information age. The paper accentuates the need to enhance student critical thinking skills in combination with foreign language competences. It argues that. A concept for promoting critical thinking will be introduced in the context of foreign language instruction.

    The suggested approach is based on an existing critical thinking methodology, unique in its complexity as it describes a set of cooperative teaching methods for teachers as well as study techniques for students. While empowering teachers as mediators of the teaching process, and students as active participants of the learning process, this approach is a suitable reflection of the changing roles in the learning and teaching process that information society imprints into the relationship between the student and teacher.

    At the same time, it is a powerful tool to optimize the efficiency of the educational processes as a preparation for future practice. Um erfolgreich zu sein, brauchen sie einige Kompetenzen: Informationen, oft in mehreren Sprachen, richtig zu organisieren, bearbeiten und in der Praxis anzuwenden. Deswegen ist es wichtig nicht nur die Muttersprache zu kennen. Die traditionellen Lehrmetoden, wie der Frontalunterricht, sind nicht mehr effektiv in der heutigen global verbunden Informationszeit.

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    The objective of the thirteen-week course was to improve language and communication skills of students in international contexts. MU students created short academic texts, video-reviewed papers of their Argentinean peers, and compared characteristics of written and oral lan-. MU students discussed cultural topics in intercultural pairs via Skype, shared their experience in four videoconferences and identified cultural influences on communication.

    Having chosen bridges as a metaphor for communication, MU students communicated both synchronously and asynchronously. They gathered information and materials on pedestrian bridges in Brno and Shanghai and collaboratively produced video stories and individual synthesizing essays. The final course outcome was a list of key competencies and strategies for international academic communication created by the course participants.

    The aim of this paper is to share experience with the experiment, offer insight into the course organization, present views of the course participants and discuss pedagogical outcomes and practical limitations of CALT in authentic teaching situations. Interacting together weekly, in and outside of the classroom, in structured activities, bilingually. Students ranged in L2 language ability from B1-C1, with most at the B2 level.

    In whatever form, journeys incite abundant conversation in a language classroom. The courses, in addition to separate monolingual L2 lessons, were intertwined by 5 in-class tandem sessions, 4 joint homework activities, 2 movie nights, Forums on Moodle, and a Christmas party. The homework grouped members from each school to work together; each assignment required a tangible product.

    The initial tandem sessions exposed students to different approaches to bilingual interaction; participants then worked out among themselves the flavor of bilingualism that best suited them while ensuring mutual L2-production fairness. Participants filled out a pre- and post-test, measuring perceived and actual language ability, as well as a final opinion survey. The presentation will focus mostly on the joint activities, discussing the methodological choices behind them.

    One of the latest developments in digital education is the online presentation tool Prowise Presenter. This tool is now used by the Tilburg University Language Center combined with Prowise touchscreen digiboards that have replaced our interactive Smart whiteboards.

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    The Presenter allows language teachers to create more interactive lesson plans and presentations, actively involving students in discussions with voting tools, quizzes and by sharing the screen. Setting Prowise apart from other online tools Mentimeter, Socrative, Notebook, PowerPoint with voting boxes is that Prowise is one application encompassing all these tools and that students can use their own mobile devices to partake in the activities.

    We have found that this works well at all levels of education, from beginners to advanced learners, both for language and skills courses. During this presentation, we offer an insight into the application of this activating system. This session should be interesting for ICT policy makers and teachers. Tilburg University Language Center heeft in alle lokalen interactieve whiteboards van Prowise. Met de bijbehorende software kunnen studenten op hun telefoon of tablet input leveren. Neem daarom uw smartphone of tablet mee. Although the use of English as a tool of communication in higher education attracts international students and staff, the importance of proficiency in the local language remains necessary and could even serve as a catalyst for employability.

    This three-week massive open online language course mainly serves as a means to engage future incoming students and staff with Dutch, the Netherlands and Groningen. So far, the course has attracted over 70, learners world-wide, who have learnt Dutch up to a lower A1.

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    There are also interaction sessions, which can be accessed from all timezones. The approach taken will serve as a model for online language courses in the Dutch and Modern Foreign Languages sections of the University of Groningen Language Centre. In this paper, we would like to present and share the conception and development of the online language programme at the University of Groningen Language Centre. By offering online language courses we believe we will be able to better serve the interests of our international students and staff, both present and future, and to reach out to a wider population of language learners than we ever thought possible.

    Diese Kurse verwenden u. Sadler Peer editing also enables students to see what other students have done and can do, thus expanding both their creativity and critical reading skills. The presentation focuses on what students think about the relation between peer and teacher feedback, what kind of difficulties they find with the approach and in what way the students think they benefited from the peer editing process.

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    4. Most of the students in our study have a positive view on peer editing. According to the student responses, peer editing is a successful approach even at beginner-level language courses, but what the students gain from peer editing at that level may differ from what more advanced learners find beneficial.

      Moreover, there are individual differences in what is considered difficult in the process. More details and pedagogical implications are discussed in the presentation. Der Prozesscharakter des Peer-Editings steht hierbei im Fokus. Welche Schwierigkeiten haben sie mit dem Peer-Feedback der Kommilitonen? Welche Vorteile resultieren aus diesem Prozess?