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The one you plow with the plowshare of experience gained from the way of those who came before. The one you carve like a labyrinth through the heart of god. The one you kill the Buddha on, over and over again.

The Genuine Face of the Guru

The one where you hide like a wayside robber prepared to liberate others of their certainty. You are still the process. You are the big bang, the original force of the universe. It never ends precisely because it never begins.

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The demons that reside there are hollow shells of nothingness with nothing for eyes that see nothing. Satan is a pathetic red fog of fleshy oblivion. It also never ends precisely because it never begins.

Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future

The angels that reside there are empty husks of righteousness with halos that might as well be nooses choking them into eternal myopia. God is a pitiful white cloud of phantom nothingness. I shit it out in the abyss. I buried it like I buried my ego, along with a fishbone and The Book of Certainty.

The Guru Chronicles

I gripped the throat of my animal-happiness and I have not I will not! So it is, I write to you from the path of my own adventure, and with a humor of the most high, I hope beyond hope that you too will find a path of your own.

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One not littered with the obsolete gods of your shortsighted forefathers. One not tainted by the antiquated devils of your myopic ancestors. The world is yours for the making.

The road begins within you and is built outward into that world. But only you can build it. On the poster, there were mentions of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, maybe good for middle-class white Americans trying to find enlightenment through cultural appropriation, but if this guy has Maduro on WhatsApp, he might help me and about 30 million of my friends on a way more practical method of relaxation.

Namely, taking a Cuba-educated dictator off our shoulders.

The Samadhi of the Guru - The Chronicles of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Alas, fate had a different, more mysterious path for me. Or maybe they got tired from people calling, asking about Maduro. Fortunately, The Art of Living Foundation also has a website , with claims like having meditation techniques that work just as well as medication for clinical depression. He convinced both Santos and FARC to follow the Ghandian principle of non-violence, and took the latter on a visit to the Embassy of India in Cuba, where Shankar taught them meditation exercises.

Shankar hinted at his role in creating a ceasefire and was even invited to assist to the signing of the final agreement.

Guru: The Stamp Chronicles

But where things get interesting is in Argentina, where Sri Sri has led , people in meditation on Palermo. In , the Federal Administration of Public Income investigated the foundation for tax evasion of 4,3 million dollars worth of donations. But hey, it could be worse.

They could try getting Zapatero again. Caracas Chronicles. Voices from Inside Sebin. The New End of Dialogue.