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I also had a feeling that it wasn't Beethoven, based on the online research I made. If that's the case, then there is an error in the student book Schott Music from which the sheet music linked to above is taken, which of course is entirely possible. Might the piece be a Schubert or a Haydn, do you think? Just to be clear, when I wrote it was doubtful, I was just referring to what I had read about "Anh. If you think the publisher could have made a mistake and you want to look into other composers, I'd say Schubert, Haydn and Mozart are good places to start.

Zwolf Deutsche Tanze, WoO 8 (Twelve German Dances)

I see what you mean now Norse, thanks for clarifying. I'll look up the composers you mentioned and if I solve it, I'll post the results here. It's possible that it is from Anh. However, this music is so obscure that I can only find one single recording of it. Great, thanks for the contact Norse. I've written to them to investigate.

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I had previously contacted Schott Music directly but your reference is also correct, as the heumannpiano. Hi All, An update from the book's publisher in Germany, regarding the origin of this piece : "The "Deutscher Tanz" doesn't have any opus or piece number. Furthermore, it is not sure, if it is really a composition of Beethoven, it's just attributed to him. So it's not explored yet, who wrote this composition. Similar Threads German vs. Replies: 59 Last Post: Jun, It all sounds very jolly, and the size of the ensemble is appropriate for the music and the performance style.

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As is said in the personals ads, height and weight are proportional. This is Beethoven at his most gracious, and the performers respond accordingly. Very enjoyable! All Rights Reserved. Site Search.

12 German Dances, WoO 8 for Two Violins and Viola

CD Review Ludwig van Beethoven. Home News Contacts Copyright. Books Music. Enter keywords…. Song in G minor: "Sehnsucht"; "Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt" 4th setting. Song in C minor: "Die laute Klage"; "Turteltaube, du klagtest so laut".

Folksong Setting: "On the massacre of Glencoe", "O! Folksong Setting: "What shall I do to shew how much I love her?

Folksong Setting: "The Deserter" The evening previous to his execution , "If sadly thinking and spirits sinking"; 10 of 25 Irish songs. Folksong Setting: "Thou emblem of faith" Upon returning a ring ; 11 of 25 Irish songs. Folksong Setting: "In vain to this desert my fate I deplore"; 17 of 25 Irish songs.

Folksong Setting: "Since greybeards inform us that youth will decay"; 4 of 20 Irish songs. Folksong Setting: "The kiss, dear maid, thy lip has left"; 9 of 20 Irish songs.

Free sheet music : Beethoven, Ludwig van - Twelve German Dances WoO 8 (Piano solo)

Folksong Setting: "O might I but my Patrick love! Folksong Setting: "O would I were but that sweet linnet! Folksong Setting: "When mortals all to rest retire" English ; 15 of 26 Welsh songs. Folksong Setting: "Ye shepherds of this pleasant vale"; 4 of 12 Scottish songs. Folksong Setting: "Womankind", "The hero may perish his country to save"; 8 of 12 Scottish songs.