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Please check the SWAP progression routes document for details.

General entrance requirements apply. Entry to our secondary education courses is provisional until the end of Year 1. Application procedure Entry to this degree is highly competitive. It is important that applicants for education programmes are able to show their suitability for the programme and for the teaching profession. The main focus of this programme is on teaching children and through your personal statement you should be able to demonstrate an aptitude for this. You should demonstrate knowledge of the Curriculum for Excellence, relevant work experience, and explaining your understanding of the teacher's role.

There will be an interview process for the Physical Education programme. We interview 72 candidates each year and if selected for interview you will be taking part in a number of activities during the interview day.

Learning About Black Scottish History!

These interviews are on fixed dates that applicants would be expected to make themselves available for. There are specific professional residence requirements and guidance that apply to Education programmes in order for students to fulfil GTC requirements, as well as those set by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Stirling. All Education students should consult with staff in Education at Stirling for full details of these. If English is not your first language you must have one of the following qualifications as evidence of your English language skills:. For more information on ways that you can meet our English language requirements, including options to waive the requirement, please read our information on English language requirements.

If you need to improve your English language skills before you enter this course, our partner INTO University of Stirling offers a range of English language courses. These intensive and flexible courses are designed to improve your English ability for entry to this degree.

Entry requirements

Alternatively, seven semesters three and a half years leads to either a General degree or to a Bachelors degree in Professional Education. General degree students may only be able to qualify in one teaching subject. This involves teaching small groups of children. Your practical experience starts in Semester 2 with a two-week placement. Physical Education students will take part in an additional four-week placement. The modules listed below are those currently intended for delivery in the next academic intake of this course.

These may be subject to change as the University regularly revises and refreshes the curriculum of our taught programmes. Our Secondary Education degree is taught through seminars, lectures and workshops. Fieldwork and learning for sustainability is embedded within the Geography course at Stirling. Students will develop skills and confidence through participation in fieldtrips and work on campus with Grounds for Learning and local school groups.

Students gain first-hand experience of the cognitive benefits of fieldwork as well as the equally important social, emotional and health benefits. Assessment is by continuous assessment. School experience placements are supported by school-based teachers and University of Stirling tutors.

Get PDF Using Learning Contracts in Higher Education (New History of Scotland)

There are no examinations in Education. School work placements are an integral part of this course, culminating in a week secondary school experience where you can teach your chosen subjects. If you intend to teach Modern Languages in a school after you graduate, you must fulfil residence requirements in a country where that language is spoken.

For eligible students, this means applying for an English Language Assistantship via the externally-administered British Council scheme.

West and Professor K. Anthony Appiah leave Harvard for Princeton.

Course combinations

Bollinger , the U. Supreme Court outlaws the race-sensitive admissions policy at the University of Michigan that used a numerical formula which gave extra points to black applicants. Minority students are no longer given extra points. Applicants are required to write short essays to better help admissions staff in their decisions. Black enrollments drop as a result. Subsequently, many of the outreach programs highlighted in the report see their funding slashed by the Bush administration.

About 89, low-income students will no longer receive a Pell Grant. Congress rejects the proposal and funds the program. Baker Jr. Weeks later, Baker announces he is leaving Duke for Vanderbilt University. But the test comes under increasing criticism due to scoring errors and the reliability of the new writing segment in predicting student performance in college. Dozens of colleges and universities drop the requirement that applicants take the SAT. It is generally agreed that this development will help black students increase their enrollments at these institutions as early admissions give an advantage to applicants from families with high incomes.

Massey announced his retirement as president of Morehouse College in Atlanta. At the time black students were receiving Geier scholarships.

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The committee stops short of issuing an apology but offers recommendations on steps the university can take to make amends. University Professor at Harvard University. The referendum mandates that the University of Michigan and other state-operated colleges and universities abandon the use of race as a positive factor in the admissions process. Not one of these 32 coaches was black. Furthermore, there had not been a black head coach in any sport at Harvard for the previous 15 years. Kimbrough stated that the rankings are inherently unfair to black colleges and universities.

Hoxby decided to make the move to Stanford after Harvard denied tenure to her husband Blair Hoxby, a scholar of the theater during the Renaissance period.

University & Academic Jobs in Scotland

Stanford offered both Hoxbys tenured positions. Not one is black. Seattle School District No. Lanman Jr. Professor of Sociology at Yale University. Anderson was the Charles and William L. Day Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has been a faculty member since Sherley, an African-American associate professor of biological engineering at MIT, did not have his contract renewed. The locks on his laboratory were changed and police were stationed outside the facility.

Professor Sherley was denied tenure in He contended that the decision to deny him tenure was driven by racist views among his departmental colleagues. This is a very large 52 percent increase from a decade ago. Founded in , Washington and Lee is the ninth-oldest institution of higher education in America. Professor DeLaney is the first African American ever to chair an academic department at the institution. At age 15 she is the youngest African-American female ever to enroll at an Ivy League university. Census Bureau reports that there are three times as many African Americans housed in prisons as there are blacks who live in college dormitories.

The study found that in there were , African Americans incarcerated in adult correctional facilities in the United States. But there were only , African Americans who lived in college dormitories.

BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) Education (Secondary) | Courses | University of Stirling

She is the first woman and the first African American to be named dean of the undergraduate college. Ribeau is appointed the 16th president of Howard University. Department of Education reports that blacks earned 6, professional degrees in They made up 7.