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Eh, Little Ben? Juanita, meanwhile, had grown bored and was cleaning her purse out. Fresh angel food crumbs covered the floor and spilled out in fragrant abundance into the hallway. Kowalski, giving her a perplexed pout through the one-way mirror, stood and swung the door open. In a minute, she could see a clear difference in the men.

Wade and Old Man Reimer sat unaffected by the vanilla-scented air while Kowalski was clearly agitated and behaved like a dog that just caught a whiff of barbequed steak. She watched the unmistakable response as he sniffed repeatedly, nostrils flaring on the intake and his eyeballs swimming in near-swoon.

Overshare: I wake up most mornings with a half a dozen characters, a plotline or two, and a bunch of run-on sentences doing the polka in my head with their work boots on. After the requisite morning constitutions are ratified, and the area is cordoned off with police tape, I oftentimes just let these night-grown inspirations fade away.

Well, no more! I am resolved to give my readers something to read! How about a good old-fashioned serial? Compelling, bent-widget characters with a rollicking plot fraught with lotsa knots, cliff-hangers and roundabouts that meet in the middle. Episode Three: Everything must come to an end. Except for farmer sausage, that has two ends. He punched his palm with a clenched fist.

John Cleese

Got it? Old Man Reimer and Wade Oswald were cuffed, their hands behind their backs. Kowalski steered them and Randy the Accounts Receivable clerk ahead of him towards the Interrogation Room. They followed Danielle down the hallway. Little Ben sat in the observation room, one knee jackrabbiting spasmodically. He tapped fingertips on the tabletop in nervous counter-rhythm, waiting to see his father and Randy Randall, the despicable Accounts Receivable clerk, appear through the one-way glass. The younger Reimer swore a deposition and provided powerful evidence to Oarless and Roget.

It depletes U. Our agency normally puts more emphasis on illegal drugs, but the vainilla cartels are a growing problem. What is van-eee-yah? Vanilla extract, right? The brown stuff you put in whipped cream? Oarless nodded, passing an odd, angry look at Roget as she did so. It made no difference to Little Ben Reimer. If he could get his old man out of the way, the path was clear for him to take over the company and show everyone what he could do.

And now the dominoes had begun to fall. Little Ben watched with predatory intensity as his father, Randy, and Wade Oswald sat in the sparsely furnished room, guarded by Kowalski. Oarless and Roget joined Little Ben in the observation chamber. Get in there and make them sweat! She posed dramatically, arms raised, and shouted,. She paused with dramatic effect, her breath coming in heaving sobs as she looked lovingly through the glass at her cherished boy, Wade.

The First Photo Of A Black Hole Inspires Education And Shenanigans

Her teeth gritted, and the two trained law enforcement agents immediately noticed the brownish tinge on the enamel. In her hands she held a pint container of Blue Boy French Vanilla ice cream and a gleaming tablespoon, sparkling as only a recently licked spoon can…. It was me!

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Overture: I wake up most mornings with a half a dozen characters, a plotline or two, and a bunch of run-on sentences doing the polka in my head with their work boots on. After the requisite morning constitutions are ratified, I oftentimes just let these night-grown inspirations fade away. The garish logo showed a herd of galloping reindeer, antler-to-antler in a frenzied dash across the map from Eastern Manitoba to Toronto. Spinning, smoking wheels replaced legs and hooves. A bold, swooping font declared,. Thus, Manitoba went from Man. Besides, he liked the herd of charging reindeer.

Wade walked up to the three-step wooden porch hung on the side of the construction trailer.

A radio tower was bolted to the end of the trailer and it stood erect, a lone foot weed in a field of alfalfa. Checking his briefcase just before he entered, Wade ensured that he had all of his paperwork, the contract documents, the bank draft and the Non-disclosure agreement. He paused on the porch, striking an improbable Superman pose before he entered, to steel his nerve.

Inside, as always, sat Mr. Reimer at a desk made from sawhorses and a sheet of cabinet plywood.


We can hardly contain our excitement about DUCKS, NEWBURYPORT by Lucy Ellmann - Biblioasis

A crude oil rendering of a stampeding herd of reindeer was screwed to the buckled panelling behind his desk. CB radios sat in a clustered congregation behind him, little green bands pulsing brightly, indicating that the drivers were accessible, should he need to speak to them. A tangle of microphone cords spilled onto the ground — a brimming cornucopia of coils.

Reimer looked up quickly, his normally stern, heavy-jowled countenance now made even grimmer by a pouting grimace. The fellow seated there—he was maybe twenty or so—glanced up at Wade, then over at Reimer. The boy shrugged, tossed the blonde hair out of his eyes and tapped his watch.

He pulled up a clutch of papers like he was retrieving a stringer of perch. Wade a minute, eh? The boy smiled back and then spat a full mouthful of sunflower seeds into a white foam cup on his desk.

He transferred the contents from the cup to a round, grey metal wastepaper container at his feet. Paul Kearney, Corvus Solaris 5. Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders eds. Top 10—Gwenda Bond with an emphasis on YA, although not exclusively 1.

SCARIEST True Stories on Reddit... Ghost, Alien & Unexplainable Scary Stories

Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve Scholastic 6. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins 8. Art and design Jeremy Zerfoss ; slogan, Stepan Chapman; download a high res version here. All royalties I receive these editions of Monstrous Creatures will help fund, along with direct donations, the translations component of the anthology Leviathan 5.

Perspectives on the Writing Life

Cover by Jeremy Zerfoss higher res on his site :. A strange and unusual book. A short novel but a grand scope. The book follows the life of nine-year-old Raj who is put in a prison camp and meets a Jewish refugee named David. Sublime Dreams of Living Machines: The Automaton in the European Imagination by Minsoo Kang—A wonderful short story writer, Kang has turned his hand to nothing less than a history of automata that looks absolutely fascinating.

This first novel made a Guardian list of best first novels while being criminally under-appreciated here. Compared also to early McEwan and Highsmith.

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We will cover, in multiple blog posts:. The central character in this dramatic trilogy, Joseph Golem, is an old man who dies in a prison camp and is brought back to life by a young woman. Moving through time and various identities, Joseph finds himself in 16th-century Prague, where he assumes the identity of Rabbi Judah Loew, creator of the golem.

Begun in the Middle Ages as a religious festival in commemoration of St. Bartholomew the Great, over the centuries Bartholomew Fair passed through several metamorphoses. Now it has gone underground. Its prime witness, a photographer, is interrogated by a police inspector about the dead man, his connection with two mysterious younger women, and the enigmatic painting the man had hired him to photograph.