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Winter squash is one of the last things to ripen in the garden, and its long growth period results in the dense, creamy, full-flavored flesh winter cooks rely on for so many classic dishes. Squash gnocchi with caraway and black garlic , from renowned chef and cookbook author Yotam Ottolenghi, will bring a little excitement to your squash repertoire. Good old butternut is a fine choice for this recipe, but, if you can find them, dry and intensely flavorful winter squashes — like Blue Hubbard or Red Kuri — will take your gnocchi over the top. Tip: Look for winter squashes with very firm skin.

It also allows them to retain all their goodness right through spring. He says their quintessential apple flavor makes them perfect for eating in hand, baking , making cider and anything else. Slice and eat it raw. Whatever the reason, escarole pie is a kid-approved dish that manages to sneak in a supernutritious green.

Its crisp, slightly bitter leaves become silky and mild when you cook them. As the culinary world embraces local, seasonal food, the turnip is finally getting the top billing it deserves. Available fresh fall through winter, this vegetable comes into its own in the colder months.

With a huge range of shapes, sizes and colors — and flavors that span the gamut from rich and somewhat bitter to delicately earthy — turnips are also highly versatile. Tip: Japanese turnips, also known as Hakurei, are smaller, often appearing in bunches with the greens still attached.

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Winter's Sweet Surprise

See at Grandin Road. Northlight Northlight 18 in. See at Hayneedle. Oatmeal: When it gets cooler, it's the perfect time to include oatmeal in your diet. This quick and healthy breakfast food staple is a wholegrain powerhouse that packs plenty of nutritional value for your health. Also adding oatmeal to your diet will make you feel and look good.

Banana: With a healthy dose of vitamin B, one large banana serves up about 10 per cent of the day's magnesium. Add it to your breakfast cereal and it will help keep you warm throughout the day. Ginger Tea: If you're thinking of warming up with a cup of tea, add ginger root to it. Ginger is thought to have thermogenic properties that can keep you warm, and also boost your metabolism. Lean Poultry and Wholegrains: If you're that person who cannot make it through winter without gloves and socks and if you always seem to have cold hands and feet, you may have iron deficiency or, anaemia.

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As a result, it is suggested you eat lean meat and poultry food items that are rich in iron. Fibrous, full grains and carbs like potatoes help in keeping the body warm because they require more energy to break down.

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They prepare the sausages right in front of their customers and according to the customers' specifications if there are such requests. Ingredients used include milk, eggs, minced meat pork and chicken , onions and some of their "secret" masalas.

Just bring the sausages home, boil them for about twenty minutes or so, cool them, refrigerate and eat at your convenience. If you love wine, then you must try out the home made wine prepared at Bow Barracks in Kolkata. The women from this Anglo-Indian hub on Bow Street of Bowbazar who have been living here for generations, prepare ginger and grape wine at home all the year round, and this is the perfect time to try them out if you wish to remain soaked in festive spirits.

Is it a cake? Is it a mishti? Enjoy the delightful confusion as this tricky little piece of cake-mishti melts in your mouth, leaving behind the fruity and nutty bits. There is milk, cinnamon, dried fruits and nuts in this tiny enigma. But worry not, it is available on order throughout the year.

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Kolkata's last Jewish bakery is renowned for its Christmas cakes. There are such long, serpentine queues outside Nahoum in New Market in the week leading up to Christmas, that the shop closes one of its gates, allowing customers to enter the store from only one side. Don't be surprised if there are fisticuffs among customers trying to maintain their cool, waiting to reach the counter for their turn to buy cakes. Get e-book Winters Sweet Surprise. Free download.