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Willie Love, p; Elmore James? DRC in the wax.! Trumpet Alex Wallace, dr; ens voc Trumpet Willie Love discography. Brown, ts; Johnny Jones, p; prob. November in Chicago, IL; J. Ransom Knowling, b; Odie Payne, dr Flair Country Blues Classics Vol. Ace CH Python Records discography. Pop Blues Vol.

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    Formerly 28 Aerialbots, until the crazy jets took over the story. We're flying without a destination now.

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    Strap in and enjoy the ride. Barf bags are under the seat. Story has been abandoned and may never be updated. The Arrancar have Aizen. The Hollows have hunger. The Vaizard have revenge. But what does it take for a bunch of human children to fight? Sado, Ichigo K.

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    I know you admire me as one of the great leaders of the Rebellion, but stealing my underwear is going a little too far. Drabble series, five drabbles per chapter. It was a bad day. Someone she cared for was in jail, and no one knew what was happening to him. She was angry, and the Inuzuka have never been known for patience.

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    Pairings: many implied. Warnings language, mentioned adult situations, OOC. Game Masters by MAndrews reviews Wash is both easily bored and easily amused. And Jayne should know better than to mess up Simon's infirmary. Or wear mittens, or speak at all Misadventures by Serendipity1 reviews Misadventures in Maliciously Misattributed Medication' On a routine training mission, Leonardo finds himself on the wrong end of yet another dart, and hijinks ensue.

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