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There he makes the acquaintance of an officer with whom he becomes very good friends. Every character in the book is either afraid of Joe or respects him for the great things he does. He is constantly leaving without saying good-bye, which puts much of the mystery into the novel.

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Throughout the entire book, Joe is saving somebody from Indians or capturing thieves. He is the stereotypical cowboy who saves the day and rides off into the sunset. However, the end of the story is surprising. California Joe, the Mysterious Plainsman is an interesting novel, but it lacks the twists that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Everybody in the story is a stereotypical type of character. The Indians are savages who have a thirst for blood, of course. Joe is the good guy who saves the day time after time.

I did enjoy the book, but it does need a few more unpredictable moments. I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys western books or movies because it is easy to read, and it is interesting. I had to read the book online, however, as the only other place I could find the book was in a special collections section of the Mississippi State Library and it could not be checked out. Prentiss Ingraham, the son of Rev.

He studied at St.

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Prentiss Ingraham was born near Natchez on 28 December His mother was Mary Brooks Ingraham, the daughter of a wealthy planter. His father, Joseph Holt Ingraham, was born in Portland, Maine, but moved to Natchez in the s, taught foreign languages at Jefferson College in Washington, Mississippi, and wrote romance novels.

Er studierte an der St.

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Later he entered the Mobile Medical College, but soon left to enter the Confederate Army where he became a …. Prentiss Ingraham , the only son of the Rev. Joseph Holt Ingraham q.

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